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The #1 Carb Counter

It's never been easier to track your carbs. We have 1,000,000 verified net carb counts. Search with our lightening-fast search engine or scan a barcodes for instant lookups. Our database includes both common foods and branded / restaurant items.

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Low Carb Resources

Everything you need to start your diet is right here: jump-start guide, meal plans, recipes, articles, & more. Way beyond just a carb counter, Carb Manager is a complete resource for everything keto.

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Advanced Tools

Carb Manager includes the most advanced carb management tools for keeping on track with your diet, including snap-a-pic image AI, voice logging, barcode scanning, and natural language input.

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360k+ Recipes

Our database of over 360,000 low carb recipes will help kick-start your diet. Premium members also have access to our exclusive library of chef-made keto recipes, all designed to be quick, easy, and so delicious you won't miss the carbs.

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Meal Plans

Set your goals and food preferences, and we'll generate a meal plan & shopping list for you. Plus, our chefs have curated dozens of keto and low carb meal plans, available exclusively for our Premium members.

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In-depth Analysis

Track weight and nutrition against your goals. Premium members can go beyond with in-depth analysis of streaks, benchmarking, projections, intermittent fasting, macros analysis, meals analysis, & more.

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Empower Your Low Carb Life

Carb Manager is the world's easiest and most comprehensive low carb counter & keto diet tracker. We've compiled over 1 million verified foods in our database, each with net carb counts — including brand name products, Atkins diet products, and restaurant fare — creating an indispensable resource for thriving with your low carb diet lifestyle. ​But even more than a carb calculator, Carb Manager is your one-stop destination for living a healthy low carb high fat diet (LCHF) lifestyle. We've bundled low carb diet articles, forums, recipes, curated meal plans, a smart meal planner, an e-book, and much more.

Carb Manager not only makes it easy and fun to keep an accurate food journal: We support your entire low carb or ketogenic diet lifestyle, from food and exercise to grocery shopping, cooking, and meal planning.

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Carb Manager members have lost

3,756,394 pounds

and counting...
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"Now it is like clockwork. I input my meals and I don't have to keep track of anything because Carb Manager Premium does that for me. It also keeps me on track and helps me make better decisions."
— Erin C., lost 61 pounds with Carb Manager
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"Carb Manager was a very important tool to help me stay on track. Not knowing the carb content of many foods, tracking with Carb Manager helped me stay within my ratios where I was losing weight."
— Melanie O., lost 92 pounds with Carb Manager
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"I have seen massive improvements in almost all areas of my life. My cardiovascular health is far better and I am no longer pre-diabetic. My overall mental state is better and my marriage is better than ever because I'm not tired and crabby all the time."
— Jacob S., lost 60 pounds with Carb Manager
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