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Join the thousands of carb-conscious people who have lost weight and kept it off with Carb Manager.

It's the #1 carb counter for iOS for a reason.

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The Easiest and Most Complete Carb Tracker

Over 300,000 Foods

Search one of the largest and most comprehensive food databases in existence, featuring full nutrition info on net carbs, carbs, fiber, calories, and much more.

Create a Food Diary

People who track their food intake lose on average twice as much as those who don't. Carb Manager helps you stay informed and accountable.

Stay in Sync

Whether on iPhone, iPad, or Web, all your diet & exercise data is securely stored and always available. And your mobile apps always work offline.

It's Social

Add friends to compare weight loss progress and how closely you've stuck to your diet plan. Only select data points are visible to your friends, and no one else.

Go Beyond Carbs

Track over 20 nutrients, macronutrients, water intake, exercise, weight, sleep, body measurements, and more. It's a comprehensive wellness management app.

And More...

Scan barcodes, create custom foods, meals, and recipes, export detailed reports, take progress notes, see a custom food analysis, and much more.

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Easy to use and powerful

Carb Manager is the first and only seamless carb & nutrition management system. With over 300,000 (and counting) foods and powerful tools to track and analyze your diet, you'll be on your way to effective carb control.

Diet tracking is only useful if you use it. Give Carb Manager a try and see why it's the #1 carb counting app.

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