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Carb Manager Premium is your one-stop keto and low-carb lifestyle resource. Featuring 360,000+ recipes, exclusive premium recipes, tasty and easy meal plans, a jump-start guide, a smart meal planner, automatic shopping lists, recipe importing from the web, unlimited logging, advanced analysis & reports to make diet tracking more effective, state-of-the-art food logging features, and third-party fitness device integration, Carb Manager Premium is the essential tool for starting and maintaining your keto or low-carb lifestyle.

Premium Members Report 3X The Results

All for just USD $3.34/month

Billed annually at $39.99/year

Get a Jump Start

Included with every membership is a free copy of the KetoGenius Diet Plan e-book. This detailed guide will give you all the information and motivation you need to get started on your keto or low carb diet.

Exclusive Content

Keto is not only good for you — it's delicious. Our chefs in the Carb Manager Test Kitchen are cooking up the tastiest low carb and keto dishes. They're all designed to be easy to prepare, budget friendly, and so good you won't miss the carbs.

Our chefs are also compiling our premium recipes into curated meal plans, designed specifically different diets and eating preferences.

360,000+ Recipes With Carb Counts

Gain unlimited access to our database of thousands of keto and low carb recipes. Each recipe includes detailed nutrition info, and can be added to your daily log with one click.

NEW! Now you can import recipes from your favorite websites. Just copy the website address into the import tool, and we'll make it available in the app.

Healthy Meal Plans & Shopping Lists

Get a weekly meal plan based on your carb, protein, fat, and calorie targets. Our meal planner is designed for everyone, including those on special diets (paleo, vegetarian, pescatarian, etc.), and those with food intolerances and specific food preferences. We'll recommend dishes -- just select the ones you like and we'll add them to your meal plan calendar. We'll also create a handy grocery list that you can take with you to the supermarket.

Smart Analysis & Reports

Carb Manager Premium unlocks a powerful analytics and reporting engine.​

Access from Everywhere

With Carb Manager Premium, your nutrition data is accessible wherever you are: on your iPhone, iPad, or Web. Syncing is simple, seamless, and automatic. If you are an existing app user, just sign in from your app and you can sync all of your past data. Plus, all of your data is continuously backed up to our secure servers, so you'll never lose track of your progress.

Unlock Advanced Tools

Carb Manager Premium offers unlimited access to cutting edge food and exercise tracking tools. With our downright magical Snap Foods feature, you can take a photo of your meal and we'll use state-of-the-art image recognition technology to find the foods you've eaten. Our natural language search feature allows you to enter or voice dictate your meals just like you say them to a friend. And our new voice logging feature for foods and exercises is the quickest and easiest way yet to track your healthy lifestyle -- just say it!

Integrate With Apps & Devices

With iOS Health App, Google Fit, and Fitbit integration, you can instantly integrate with dozens of popular apps and devices. Seamlessly import activity data with Fitbit or any Apple Health or Google Fit enabled device/app, including Apple Watch, Jawbone, LG, and more.

Additional Premium features include: Set goals for meals and for different days of the week; measure blood glucose and ketones by meal; track 30+ health metrics; create new groups; and priority customer support.

Real People. Real Success.
"Now it is like clockwork. I input my meals and I don't have to keep track of anything because Carb Manager Premium does that for me. It also keeps me on track and helps me make better decisions."
— Erin C., lost 61 pounds with Carb Manager Premium
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Premium Members Report 3X The Results

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Log foods done done
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Track weight done done
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Ad free done
Access to 360,000 web recipes done
Premium recipes from the Carb Manager Test Kitchen done
Curated meal plans done
Import recipes from websites done
Smart meal planner done
Shopping list generator done
Full nutrient tracking done
View macros & nutrition per meal done
SmartMacros: auto-adjust macros goals as you lose weight done
Track blood glucose done
Track ketones done
Track intemittent fasting done
Track sleep done
Track body measurements & vitals done
KetoGenius Diet Guide done
Advanced reports done
Voice logging done
Image AI logging done
Natural language logging done
Create meals done
Create meal plans done
Meals analysis report done
Streaks report done
Comparisons report done
Correlations report done
Benchmarks report done
Projections report done
Macros report done
Sync with Fitbit done
Sync with Apple Watch done
Sync with other fitness trackers done
Rename meals done
Reorder meals done
Set per meal goals done
Set different goals by day of the week done
Create groups done
Print and export daily logs done
Priority support done
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