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Keto Diet Cookbook

The Easiest Way to Lose Weight Fast with 101 Recipes That You Can Track in the App with QR Codes

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Carb Manager Cookbook

The Ultimate Keto Cookbook for Your Healthy, Low Carb Lifestyle

101 exclusive Keto-friendly recipes you won’t find anywhere else

  • Keto Made Easy .

    Just scan the QR code that’s included with each recipe for easy tracking in the Carb Manager app. Just scan it. Log it. And get back to living your life!

  • You Won’t Even Miss the Carbs .

    From easy, weeknight-friendly dinners to make-ahead, freezable meal prep, to snacks, sides and delectable sweet treats, you’ll find tasty choices for every craving and occasion.

  • Recipes for the Entire Family .

    Family-friendly Keto recipes like Blueberry Lemon Pancakes, Chicken Burrito Bowls, and Breaded Meatballs w/ Pesto Noodles that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters in your household.

  • Who Knew Improving Your Health Could be so Delicious ?

    Keto is more than a diet. It’s a lifestyle. And it’s here to stay. The Carb Manager Keto Cookbook is the easy and delicious way to join the Keto revolution and experience the power of Keto for yourself.

Carb Manager's Keto Diet Cookbook

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Keto Expert Approved

Here’s what some of our popular supporters have to say about Carb Manager’s cookbook

Maria Emmerich

Maria Emmerich

Bestselling co-author of Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet

This is a great book for following a Keto lifestyle the right way. I like how they focus on nutrient-dense whole foods, and the QR codes make tracking easy in the app.

Dr Will Cole

Dr Will Cole

Bestselling co-author (with Gwyneth Paltrow) of Intuitive Fasting: The Flexible Four-Week Intermittent Fasting Plan to Recharge Your Metabolism and Renew Your Health

Carb Manager’s Keto Diet Cookbook is packed with over 100 of the best keto recipes for any dish your heart desires. It will streamline your Keto journey for ultimate success.

Collin Morgan

Collin Morgan

Founder of Hip2Keto

Our team at Hip2Keto loves Carb Manager. Trust us, if you’re trying to maximize the effectiveness of your ketogenic lifestyle, Carb Manager is the best tool to help you!

Trisha Haas

Trisha Haas

Blogger, writer, and chef at

As a professional recipe writer and blogger, my readers rely on me to help them decide which recipe fits in their own nutritional needs. Carb Manager undoubtedly allows me to have the confidence, education, and stats I need to keep my readers informed and on track!

Anita Breeze

Anita Breeze

Blogger and recipe developer at

I love the Carb Manager app because it keeps me laser-focused and is so easy to use. It's a perfect way for both beginners and seasoned low-carb dieters to see exactly what they are doing and how to tweak their program. I recommend it to all my followers.

The Ultimate Keto Recipe Book for the Low Carb Lifestyle

101 delicious, exclusive, beginner-friendly recipes from the Carb Manager kitchens that aren’t available anywhere else. Each recipe includes gorgeous full page photography, macros and calorie counts (including net carbs!), and a QR code to unlock the recipe in the Carb Manager app

  • Breakfast & Morning Food

    Breakfast & Morning Food

    Mornings on Keto can be so much more than bacon and eggs! Combine Asparagus and Gruyere Quiche or Blueberry-Lemon Pancakes (just 2 net carbs!) with a side of Keto coffee for an early start on hitting your daily fat macros.

  • Quick & Easy Meals

    Quick & Easy Meals

    Work, kids, chores, errands, the gym… Life can be hectic. We get it! That’s why we included an entire chapter of quick and easy, Keto-friendly weeknight family dinner recipes like Citrus Salmon and Chorizo and Shrimp Fajitas.

  • Splendid Keto Suppers

    Splendid Keto Suppers

    From go-to family favorites like Monterey Chicken, to meals fit for entertaining like Orange Glazed Spatchcocked Cornish Hens, this chapter will bring out your inner Michelin chef, while keeping you on track to your diet goals.

  • Batch Cooking & Make-Aheads

    Batch Cooking & Make-Aheads

    Meal prep isn’t just a diet hack. It’s a life hack! You’ll save time and money with a full chapter of freezable make-ahead Keto recipes like our delicious Vietnamese Lemon Grass Pork Noodle bowl.

  • Hearty Salads & Soups

    Hearty Salads & Soups

    Whether you’re looking for a light lunch option like Superfood Kale Salad, or a hearty Keto-friendly soup like Italian Meatball to warm you up on a cold day, this Keto diet recipe book has you covered!

  • Satisfying Side-Dishes

    Satisfying Side-Dishes

    If you miss starchy sides like bread, noodles, or baked potatoes, the recipes in this chapter - like Buttermilk Biscuits and Toasted Sesame Shirataki Noodles - will satisfy your cravings without kicking you out of ketosis!

  • Savory Snacks & Appetizers

    Savory Snacks & Appetizers

    Having Keto-friendly snacks on hand when you first start eating Keto can save you from any “slip ups” that might derail your progress. Your whole family will love the Pizza Trail Mix and BLT Snack Cups - even if they’re not eating Keto!

  • Sweets & Fat Bombs

    Sweets & Fat Bombs

    Who said going Keto meant giving up sweets? Indulge your sweet tooth with zero-sugar, high-fat, Keto-friendly treats, like Mini Chai-Spice Cheesecakes or Strawberry, Lime, and Basil Granita.

More Than Just a Cookbook: The Ultimate Keto Diet Jumpstart Guide

As the world’s #1 low-carb and Keto diet app, Carb Manager has helped millions of people around the world change their lives and improve their health with Keto. Carb Manager is more than just a diet app. And this guide is more than just a Keto cookbook.

  • Carb Manager Cookbook

    Start your Keto diet off the right way .

    Inside, you’ll get everything you need to jump start your Keto diet and improve your health. In this book you’ll learn:

    • How the Keto Diet Works

    • How to Get Started with Keto

    • The Main Styles and Variations of Keto

    • How to Choose Healthy, Nutrient Dense Ingredients

    • How to Stock Your Keto Pantry

    • How to Stay Keto While Dining Out

  • Carb Manager Cookbook

    You’ll also get .

    • Sample Keto Menu Charts

    • Answers to Keto FAQs From a Ph.d Keto Nutritionist

    • Q&A With a Top Certified Keto Coach

    • Keto Tips and “Hacks” to Make Your Life Easier

    • Ideas for Recipes Variations to Keep Things Fresh

    • An Entire Chapter on Batch Cooking, Make Aheads, and Meal Prep

    • Menu Ideas for Special Occasions

    and much more...

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