Carb Manager: More Than Just a Keto Diet App
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Carb Manager: More Than Just a Keto Diet App

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Carb Manager: More Than Just a Keto Diet App

Posted a year ago

Brian Stanton

Brian Stanton


Dr. Kevin R. Gendreau

Dr. Kevin R. Gendreau

Author and Scientific Reviewer

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Because Carb Manager is called Carb Manager, people often mistake the app for a basic carb counter. It's just a macro tracker for the Keto diet, right?

Not quite. Yes, Carb Manager excels at tracking macros on Keto, but it also excels at tracking micronutrients, calories, intermittent fasting, blood glucose levels, and many other aspects of nutrition. (Low-carb or not.)

Yet Carb Manager is bigger than nutrition. It's a sleep tracker, exercise logger, cooking teacher, accountability coach, time saver, knowledge center, and health-conscious community—all jammed into a tiny icon on your smartphone. 

In other words, Carb Manager is a piece of tech you'll want to leverage on your health journey. Let's learn what it can do for you. 

What Is a Food Tracking App?

If you want to eat a certain way—or move towards a specific health goal—it helps to track your food intake. That's where a food tracking app comes in. 

You use a tracker to log your meals and snacks. Then the app tabulates your macros (carbs, proteins, fats), total calories, and micronutrients so you can stay accountable to your nutritional goals. 

The best food-tracking apps make this process as smooth as Michael Bublé in a velvet turtleneck. Features might include:

And yes, Carb Manager does all these things. 

Tracking Food on Keto and Beyond

Meal logging is a useful exercise for anyone to undertake. It puts you in charge of your nutrition and, therefore, your health. Weight loss studies agree that accountability results in the highest rates of success.

Let's look at three components of food tracking: macronutrient tracking, calorie tracking, and micronutrient tracking. 

#1: Macro tracking 

The Keto diet revolves around macros. To eat Keto, you consume 55-75% of your calories from fat, 20-35% from protein, and under 10% from carbohydrates. 

Carb management is the key. Keeping carbs low promotes a fat-burning state called ketosis that's linked to many potential benefits. (Not just weight loss.)[*]

Minding your macros is crucial on Keto, but it also helps with other goals. One example: if you enjoy maintaining muscle, you can't skimp on protein

#2: Calorie tracking

Tracking macros is a nuanced method of tracking calories. Instead of only measuring total energy intake (like many calorie-counting apps), you're measuring carb, protein, and fat calories. 

This doesn't mean you should ignore total calories. It's possible to overeat healthy foods, even if your macro ratios are in line. (Mmm…cashews.)

Carb Manager helps you track macros and total calories so you can eat the right portions of the right foods. Winning combo. 

#3: Micronutrient tracking

To live a long and robust life, you need to mind your micronutrients. These vitamins and minerals may be required in micro amounts, but their health impacts are enormous. 

Are you getting enough zinc to support immune function? Enough iron to support red blood cell production? Enough magnesium and calcium for strong bones? Enough folate for a healthy metabolism?

Carb Manager's micronutrient calculator tracks these crucial micros (and 17 others), so you can keep your body humming along like a well-tuned machine. 

What Else Can Carb Manager Do?

How long do you have? Just a minute or two? Here's the concise edition of how Carb Manager can bolster your health journey. 

Support your health goals

Want to lose weight? Carb Manager is much more than a macro tracker for weight loss or a weight loss calorie calculator.

All the guidance is geared towards sustainable weight loss, not rapid gain-it-right-back methods. You set sustainable weight loss goals and track your progress towards them.

You might also be wondering: what's the best app to track a diabetes diet? With Carb Manager, you can track macros and diabetes biomarkers (glucose, insulin, ketones, and more) in the app. 

Along these lines, Carb Manager is ideal for tracking metabolic health, reversing insulin resistance, and staving off metabolic syndrome. The app integrates with devices (like the Keto Mojo meter) that keep you in charge of metabolic biomarkers like glucose and ketones. 

And if your goal is longevity, Carb Manager tracks nutrition, exercise, sleep, and fasting. You're doing better than most if you handle those areas. 

Manage niche diets and eating patterns

Carb Manager isn't just a low-carb diet app. It also supports the following ways of eating:

In the app, you'll find tracking tech, guidance, and chef-developed recipes tailored to each diet. You can also combine them (Mediterranean Keto, vegan moderate carb, etc.) to find what works best for you.  

Track health metrics

Carb Manager helps you track big hairy important health metrics like:

And by the way, it syncs with your favorite fitness device (Garmin, FitBit, Apple Watch, GoogleFit, BIOSENSE, and others) to make your life easier. Better to have everything in one place than scattered across umpteen apps.  

Save you time

Your time is precious. You have more profitable things to do than record every bite of food. 

With this in mind, Carb Manager is designed to save you time. From voice logging to custom meals to snap-photo AI logging, you'll spend minimal time on data entry, so you can spend maximum time enjoying life.  

Provide community and accountability

When you download Carb Manager, you join a community of 10 million other health-seekers. You become part of something bigger. 

Every month, the community hosts a Carb Manager Challenge. The better you hit your macro, sleep, exercise, and other health goals, the higher you score. It's instant accountability. 

Even without the challenge, you'll still benefit. Merely using Carb Manager—even just a little—makes you more committed to your health. 

Increase your health IQ

Ben Franklin said: "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." This aphorism is especially true of health-related knowledge. 

The more you learn about staying healthy, the better you'll be able to apply that knowledge. Long-term, this will pay dividends. 

You're already making this investment. You're upping your health IQ right now. 

And Carb Manager is here to help you keep doing so. 

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. Carb Manager may earn a commission for qualifying purchases made through these links.

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  • IneffableKale908869

    IneffableKale908869 a month ago

    This has to be the most complicated APP IVe ever seen, I have no idea how to use it , it’s still in imperial I only use metric and as for all the calculated already meals - none of them apply to me ,I have my own recipes , please help me to understand how I can log my own food everyday .

    • Lingerieloft

      Lingerieloft 4 months ago

      How to enter measurement updates. I can only do weight updates.