The Carb Manager 30 Day Challenge: Everything You Need to Know
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The Carb Manager 30 Day Challenge: Everything You Need to Know

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The Carb Manager 30 Day Challenge: Everything You Need to Know

Posted a year ago

SaVanna Shoemaker, MS, RDN, LD

SaVanna Shoemaker, MS, RDN, LD

Setting intentions for 2023? If your goals include losing weight or getting healthier, you’re in the right place. 

Carb Manager is “the Keto app” (and we must say, we do it very well), but we provide so much more than simple carb tracking. We welcome people following any diet or eating pattern to track their health and nutrition goals in CM. Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian, Mediterranean — we are all about helping you meet your health goals through intentional eating.

That’s why we’re introducing this 30-day health challenge for January to help new and existing Carb Manager users kickstart their 2023 resolutions, build new habits and solid foundations for a healthy year ahead.

Research shows it can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to truly dial in a new habit and make it stick, and we’re here with the support you need to make that happen and meet your goals this year.

Here’s what you need to know to get started on our January challenge.

What Is the Carb Manager January Challenge?

The Carb Manager January Challenge is designed to help you ease into a new year of healthy habits with inspiration, motivation, accountability, and practical tips for success.

It can feel daunting to set a BIG goal, or change something significant – like the way you eat every day. To help you get started and keep things simple, we’ve created some easy guidelines and weekly themes to follow throughout the month.

By the end of these 30 days, you’ll be in the habit of:

  • Regularly tracking your nutrition and health metrics
  • Trying out new, healthy recipes that fit your macros and goals 😋
  • Reminding yourself WHY you set out on this health journey, to stay motivated
  • Staying connected with a like minded community working towards similar goals
  • Sharing your wins, big + small, so you always know how far you’ve come 🙌

Who Should Join?

Carb Manager’s January challenge is for anyone and everyone who already uses the app, as well as those looking to kickstart their low carb or Keto health journey for the first time. It’s a great way for new Keto dieters and macro trackers to learn how the app works, to learn lots about the Keto diet, low carb living, and how to do it successfully. 

It’s also a good fit for anyone who wants to reboot their health after being off-track for a while, or who wants to refocus on healthy habits after the holidays.

What’s In It For You?

Thirty days of consistently chipping away at your goals is an excellent way to start the year off, and you’ll probably see some tangible weight loss or health benefits after finishing the challenge. We hope this motivates you to stick with your goals for the entire year ahead, with Carb Manager in your pocket as support!

Additionally, it’s totally free and open to everyone in the Carb Manager community — Premium and non-paid users alike. If you want some extra support, we recommend inviting a buddy to join you – it’s been proven that health goals are more likely to be achieved in community.

How Does It Work?

Each week of the challenge will have a different theme — with tasks that are designed to help you learn more about Keto, learn simple healthy recipes, connect with others in the Carb Manager community, flex those self-discipline muscles, reap the rewards of your progress, and celebrate wins along the way.

Week 1

This week we invite you to join the Carb Manager Challenge in the app and start hammering away at your goals. 

How to participate:

  • Visit the Connect > Challenges section in-app, and tap “Join Challenge” 
  • Screenshot and share your points at the end of the week on social media. Be sure to tag us (@CarbManager) and use the #CarbManagerChallenge hashtag for a chance to be featured on our social channels!

Week 2

This week is all about exploring the Carb Manager recipe database, and trying out new recipes that fit your macros and supports your goals. Here’s a roundup of our favorite beginner recipes to get you inspired!

How to participate:

  • Prepare a dish you love (or two or three), and share photos of your Keto culinary escapades.
  • Tag us @carbmanagerapp and use the #CarbManagerChallenge hashtag. We’ll share our favorites with the community!

Week 3

You've set your personal goals in the Carb Manager app  – now it’s time to commit to earning a seven-day streak by hitting your targets daily for an entire week! This task will help you solidify these new habits and stay accountable to your goals.

How to participate:

  • Eat and log within your macros all week.
  • Screenshot your streak and take a social media victory lap with the #CarbManagerChallenge hashtag (we’ll share our faves!)
  • Find other users’ posts in #CarbManagerChallenge hashtag on Instagram and leave a comment or drop a 🙌 celebrating each other’s wins!

Week 4

It’s time to share your one-month Keto transformation story. This can be any visual representation of your wins throughout the 30-day challenge, be it a before-and-after photo, a screenshot of your Carb Manager progress report, or a sweaty selfie. 

How to participate:

  • Share your photos or transformation story and don’t forget to tag us and use the #CarbManagerChallenge hashtag! We’ll be celebrating wins big, small, and in between this week 🙌

How to Succeed

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you prepare for success with the Carb Manager challenge.

Before the Challenge

  • Write down your major goal for the challenge. Is it to lose a little bit of weight, get into ketosis, or be consistent with your daily tasks? Write it out or record it in the notes section within the app.
  • You may also want to take a before photo, record your starting weight and measurements, recent glucose levels, or any other health markers you aim to improve. You can record all of these (including your photos) directly in the Carb Manager app.
  • If you’re feeling extra bold and committed, share your goal on social media and tag us @carbmanagerapp and use #CarbManagerChallenge hashtag to connect with other participants.

Week 1

  • Read up on the Keto diet: what it is, how it works, and all it’s potential health benefits, including weight loss, brain health, and more.  Start here with our Ultimate Keto Guide.
  • Reset your fridge and pantry. Get rid of sugary, high-carb foods that will tempt you or keep you from reaching your goals, and stock up on nutritious, low-carb foods. You can use our Keto shopping lists to guide you.
  • Get acquainted with the Carb Manager app. Learn the basics of recording your meals, adding foods and recipes, and logging water, exercise, and sleep. Don’t forget to check out our Connect section and our robust library of articles to help you learn and stay motivated.

Week 2

  • With a week under your belt, it’s time to refine your goals and your “why.” Set sustainable, manageable goals in the app, and start recording your progress towards these goals.
  • Need help with goal setting? Read up on self-coaching and setting micro goals.
  • Use the notes section in your daily food log to record any extra thoughts about your goals and progress.
  • This week we’re focusing on trying new recipes and getting into the groove of eating healthy and low carb. Check in with our Quick & Easy recipes to keep life simple!

Week 3

  • Explore the app’s Connect section. Add and invite friends, join groups, and find accountability partners.
  • Learn more about Carb Manager challenges and how to get the most from the Carb Manager community.
  • Share your wins and celebrate with others to build community, accountability, and go further together.

Week 4

  • Look back over the past four weeks. Check your progress reports, challenge results, and goal streaks to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t forget to celebrate your achievements, no matter how small, and share your transformation story with the #CarbManagerChallenge hashtag.
  • Read up on some other Keto success stories to keep the motivation going even after the challenge ends.

What’s Next?

So, the challenge is over. You’ve made some serious moves towards taking charge of your health in January and set an incredible tone for the rest of the year. Congratulations!

Now, how can you maintain this momentum and stay motivated going forwards?

Stay plugged in with the Carb Manager app and community! Continue to cultivate those healthy habits by tracking your food intake and recording your exercise, sleep, and water. Join future Carb Manager challenges to continue competing against yourself and others. Keep learning more about Keto through our articles and the Carb Manager knowledge base, and read up on how to best utilize the Carb Manager app with this crash course guide.

And don’t forget to continue sharing your progress with us and your support network on social media! Now, let’s rock the #CarbManagerChallenge!

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