25 Health and Wellness Resolutions You Can Stick To
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25 Health and Wellness Resolutions You Can Stick To

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25 Health and Wellness Resolutions You Can Stick To

Posted a year ago

Brian Stanton

Brian Stanton


Dr. Kevin R. Gendreau

Dr. Kevin R. Gendreau

Author and Scientific Reviewer

Expert Approved

It’s become a cliche to say that New Year’s resolutions don’t work. The gym is jam-packed in January but empty by February. 

And it’s true. Health resolutions don’t always stick. 

But don’t let that dissuade you from making a resolution (or three) this coming year. Setting an intention is the crucial first step to forming a good habit

In a moment, you’ll learn 25 health and wellness resolutions to consider adopting at any point during the year. First, though, let’s talk about habit formation.  

Forming Lasting Habits from Your Resolutions

The problem with most resolutions isn’t the resolution itself. Most people know that snacking less, exercising more, and prioritizing sleep are worthy wellness goals. 

The problem is implementation. It’s easy to say you’ll cut back on sugar but harder to follow through. 

So when you make a wellness resolution, make an implementation plan. One study found that writing down an exercise plan increased the follow-through rate by 200 to 300 percent![*]

Other tricks to successful habit formation include:

  • Optimizing your environment. If sugar isn’t in your house, it won’t end up in your mouth. 
  • Starting small. Don’t start with a 10-day meditation retreat in the Himalayas. Start with 5 minutes of conscious breathing per day. 
  • Rewarding yourself. Did you jog three times per week for a month? Treat yourself to a pair of new sweatpants to reinforce the behavior. 

Mind these tips, and you’ll surge towards solidifying your resolution. 

25 Health and Wellness Resolutions

Looking for inspiration? These New Year’s resolution ideas will get you started. 

#1: Cut back on sugar

The more sugar someone consumes, the more weight they gain.[*] (And the higher their risk for many diseases.)[*][*][*][*] Satisfy your sweet tooth with stevia, monk fruit, and other Keto-friendly sweeteners instead. 

#2: Start meditating

Adopting a mindfulness practice can reduce stress and transform your experience of life. Meditation helps you recognize that this moment is all you have. 

#3: Limit screen time

Limiting screen light at night will improve your sleep.[*] Set a power-down time (say, 9 PM) and adhere to it religiously.  

#4: Consume more whole foods

Whole foods are more satiating and nutritious than refined foods. You’ll find them on the periphery of the supermarket (i.e. meats, fruits, veggies, seafood, etc.). 

#5: Spend more time in nature

Can you exercise outdoors? Take a daily walk in the woods? The mental and physical benefits of nature time are worth it.[*

#6: Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated means drinking to thirst and consuming adequate electrolytes. Your energy levels will notice. Adequate hydration also makes it easier for you to recognize true hunger signals.

#7: Prioritize sleep

Go to sleep at a consistent time for a consistent duration, and you’ll improve nearly every aspect of your health.  Somewhere between 7-9 hours per night is ideal for most adults.

#8: Form an exercise routine

The health benefits of exercise are endless. If you want to boost your mood, improve immune function, and delay aging, do something active daily.[*][*

#9: Eat more vegetables

Vegetables are nature’s multivitamins. Micronutrients from veggies help to improve bone health, immune function, brain development, and more. Aim to consume at least two servings with every meal. 

#10: Go organic 

Organic meat and produce are better for you, the Earth, and the conscious lifeforms living here. Read this article for tips on eating organic without maxing out your credit card. 

#11: Practice self-kindness

How can you implement this resolution? Try metta, a form of Buddhist meditation in which you consciously wish yourself (and others) well. 

#12: Take omega 3s

Unless you eat lots of fatty fish, your heart and brain will benefit from a high-quality EPA and DHA supplement.[*][*

#13: Manage your biomarkers 

You don’t need a doctor’s approval to measure glucose, ketones, insulin, cholesterol, liver enzymes, blood pressure, and many other biomarkers. Are you monitoring these health metrics?

#14: Cook more 

Why eat out when you can cook healthier food for less money? Here are some recipes to start you off. 

#15: Learn a new skill

Learning new things keeps your brain young. In one study, mastering an elaborate dance routine slowed cognitive aging in older adults.[*

#16: Try Keto for a month

That’s how long it takes some folks to become fat adapted. (Able to use body fat for energy.) Check out Carb Manager’s Keto Academy to make this goal a reality.

#17: Lance vegetable oils

Not all fats are healthy fats. Soybean oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, and other veggie oils are especially inflammatory when heated.[*] Avoid them, and your arteries will appreciate it. 

#18: More hot and cold

Both hot and cold exposure (sauna, cold shower, etc.) have beneficial effects on mood, circulation, metabolism, brain health, and more.[*][*] Bonus points if you combine them. 

#19: Sit less, move more 

Can you try a standing desk? Take a stroll after meals? Squeeze a grip strengthener every half hour? Staying in motion will keep you young. 

#20: Reduce alcohol consumption

Exceeding 1-2 daily drinks will impact your sleep, liver, gut, and more. For some, abstinence is the best policy. 

#21: Adopt a yoga practice

Yoga checks all the exercise boxes: cardio, strength, flexibility, mobility, and stability. Plus, you feel ten years younger after practicing. 

#22: Start intermittent fasting 

The key is to start small. Don’t eat between dinner and breakfast (12-13 hours), and work your way up from there (if appropriate for you). 

#23: Join a community

Loneliness is a well-documented health hazard.[*] Stave it off by joining an organization—pickleball, book club, bird feather collectors, etc.—that meets regularly. 

#24: Schedule more personal time

Protect your leisure by putting it on the calendar. Otherwise, work and life will get in the way. 

#25: Track your health

Want to stay accountable to your health and wellness resolutions? Track your progress toward them. 

That’s how you enshrine good habits. Every day, you log your behaviors and check things off. 

Carb Manager makes tracking your health easy. You can track:

Carb Manager is a community, knowledge base, and health coach rolled into one. It’s designed to promote sustainable health changes, not quick fixes. 

In other words, it’ll help your New Year’s resolutions stick this year.  

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  • D'nooch

    D'nooch a year ago

    To #11 about kindness, I'd add a reminder to practice being conscious of any negativity in your self-messaging and turn it around to more positive self-messaging. Negative, overly-critical messages are self-defeating and a hard habit to break without first Awareness, then Focus and a diligent Commitment to conquer it. Practicing Positivity Matters.

    • LCB

      LCB a year ago

      Great list, thx!

      • UpbeatKale898618

        UpbeatKale898618 a year ago

        Thanks I need to hear that

        • SuperKetone703658

          SuperKetone703658 a year ago

          Very informative and motivating.😊