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Shawn A. Carb Manager User Before
Shawn A. Carb Manager User After
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  • Location

    California, US

  • Starting weight

    372.9 lbs

  • Goal weight

    207.2 lbs

Shawn's Story

Shawn lost over 165 pounds by making healthy food choices a habit with Carb Manager! After losing a tooth, Shawn realized he had not been taking the best care of himself. He was ready to completely change his life. (We’d say he succeeded!)

Shawn says, “Complexity and guesswork make weight loss hard for me. Carb Manager kept me informed on what I was eating. It allowed me to change my approach to food. 

I now see my food as a bank that has a limit that renews every 24 hours. I try to stay under my carb limit every day. It has become a type of game.”

Have you tried any other weight loss plans (low fat, low calorie, or other) in the past? How did they work out?

I have tried a lot of fad type weight loss plans but none have had lasting success. No other plan has been so easy for me to stick to as Keto with Carb Manager.

Tell us about your weight loss experience.

I decided to go with the Keto meal plans. For me “no fuss, no muss” works. My main tips from my success include intermittent fasting on a set schedule, and prepping meals and snacks for the week. My snacks are a set type of macros that = 75% Fats, 20% Proteins, 5% carbs. My last tip is walking. 

How did Carb Manager help you stay on track?

Carb Manager has helped me and I don’t see myself ever unsubscribing. The most valuable has been the macro chart and logging my foods. I have used a lot of the app but think I can still explore more.

No other plan has been so easy for me to stick to as Keto with Carb Manager.

Shawn A.

What do you see as the greatest benefit of going low carb/Keto?

The health benefits are worth going low-carb/Keto. It is a fun journey where the changes can be mapped, tweaked and improved along the way.

What's the best thing about being at your new weight?

This is a three-way tie for me. 1) The reduced weight and cost of my clothes now 2) I can fit into chairs and not fear chairs collapsing. 3) My wife is a lot more affectionate and frisky.

What are your health and fitness goals going forward?

Continue to follow my plan to see what is my best weight. After that point, it will be maintaining that weight.

Tips from Shawn A

  • Plan for success by setting goals that can be achieved.

  • Have your doctor do specific tests and blood work. See what changes “under the hood” while you are on the journey.

  • Don’t get the number on the scale trapped in your head. The only time it should be considered is if its tracking consistently in the opposite direction.

  • Network with others in real life and online in the app. Keep out of the social media trap where people can be cruel and comment in ways that can cause you pain or give bad advice.

All stories and testimonials are provided by real Carb Manager users, who have each received a gift card in compensation for sharing their experience. Their results are extraordinary and not typical. Carb Manager does not guarantee any specific health or medical outcomes for those using our product.

What users are saying

If you need help keeping track of macros and net carbs etc, look no further!! I love this app, it is so easy to keep track of what I'm eating and when I'm fasting. Super information to increase your knowledge, recipes, a community for encouragement, so much more: FOR FREE! Or you can use Premium with even more features. Very effective and useful app!

Katie McG

Verified User

I have lost 60 pounds! Between using this app to track my macros, Keto, intermittent fasting, and water fasting, I am in better shape than I have been in DECADES!!!! This app is KEY to making my program work!


Verified User

Just recently been diagnosed with diabetes. This app. has been really helpful. It's free although if you want more in depth info you can subscribe. But for me just being able to look up the foods I want to eat and keeping a log of them is brilliant + there is also a notes section where I can record my daily blood glucose levels. It's been so helpful and it keeps me on track.

Julia N.

Verified User

Amazingly Versatile! It works great for Keto or Low Carb, but has the ability to adjust macros meaning anyone can track their food and meet their goals! The ability to create custom recipes, save common foods, scan barcodes for nutrition data, and log measurements make it wonderfully convenient. And all that with the free version! By paying you gain access to thousands of recipes, micronutrients, and more. This is the best dietary management app I have ever seen.

Ethan F

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