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    Utah, US

  • Starting weight

    155.8 lbs

  • Goal weight

    125 lbs

Cassandra's Story

Cassandra used Carb Manager to gain control over her health, lose over 100 pounds and find a fitness routine that she LOVES

Cassandra says, “My “ah-ha” moment was when I was at an amusement park with my kids. There was a roller coaster my son wanted to ride with me. We got to our seats, and I couldn’t close the lap bar. I had the attendants trying with all their might to squeeze me in...but it was no use. 

We ended up walking off the ride. I was humiliated! That’s when the wheels started spinning and I started formulating the plan to change my life. 

I kicked it into high gear with Keto, intermittent fasting, and exercise. The inches came off! With Carb Manager, I'm staying the course and staying positive!”

Have you tried any other weight loss plans (low fat, low calorie, or other) in the past? How did they work out?

Intermittent Fasting is AMAZING!! I do it along with Keto! I have always tried low carb diets but once I went Keto and IF, that’s when I really started to notice a difference.

Tell us about your weight loss experience.

Since I’ve been living a Keto and intermittent fasting lifestyle, I feel AMAZING! I have lost 102 lbs, and I feel great. I have so much more energy and I am a million times happier! I only have 28 lbs left to reach my goal! 

How did Carb Manager help you stay on track?

I LOVE Carb Manager! It is so helpful to keep a detailed log of what I’m eating. I love being able to scan the barcodes on my foods to add them! Also, I love being able to find the nutrition facts for tons of restaurants and specific foods.

Believe you can do this! Want it more than anything!! You got this!

Cassandra W.

What do you see as the greatest benefit of going low carb/Keto?

Healthy eating and of course, weight loss. I just feel healthier.

What's the best thing about being at your new weight?

I have so much more confidence now! But more than anything I have the energy and ability to run, chase and play with my kids!  ...And the husband seems happy as well!

What are your health and fitness goals going forward?

 I have 28 lbs left to lose. I think now is the time to really start focusing on toning.

Tips from Cassandra W

  • Mind Over Matter!! — You have to get into the right mindset.

  • Most importantly...STAY COMMITTED!!

  • Stay STRONG!

  • Don’t let stalls discourage you! — I can’t believe the inches I lose even when the scale stays the same!

  • Staying positive makes a difference! Believe you can do this! Want it more than anything!!! You got this!

All stories and testimonials are provided by real Carb Manager users, who have each received a gift card in compensation for sharing their experience. Their results are extraordinary and not typical. Carb Manager does not guarantee any specific health or medical outcomes for those using our product.

What users are saying

If you need help keeping track of macros and net carbs etc, look no further!! I love this app, it is so easy to keep track of what I'm eating and when I'm fasting. Super information to increase your knowledge, recipes, a community for encouragement, so much more: FOR FREE! Or you can use Premium with even more features. Very effective and useful app!

Katie McG

Verified User

I have lost 60 pounds! Between using this app to track my macros, Keto, intermittent fasting, and water fasting, I am in better shape than I have been in DECADES!!!! This app is KEY to making my program work!


Verified User

Amazingly Versatile! It works great for Keto or Low Carb, but has the ability to adjust macros meaning anyone can track their food and meet their goals! The ability to create custom recipes, save common foods, scan barcodes for nutrition data, and log measurements make it wonderfully convenient. And all that with the free version! By paying you gain access to thousands of recipes, micronutrients, and more. This is the best dietary management app I have ever seen.

Ethan F

Verified User

Just recently been diagnosed with diabetes. This app. has been really helpful. It's free although if you want more in depth info you can subscribe. But for me just being able to look up the foods I want to eat and keeping a log of them is brilliant + there is also a notes section where I can record my daily blood glucose levels. It's been so helpful and it keeps me on track.

Julia N.

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