Keto French Bread

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  • prep time

    prep time

    32 min

  • cook time

    cook time

    45 min

  • ready time

    ready time

    1 h 17 min

Keto French Bread

This Keto French Bread inspired recipe is simple to prepare with no bread-making machinery required. This dense Keto baguette is soft in the center with a golden exterior, perfect for slicing and toasting. We have used this bread to top our delicious Keto French onion soup recipe, which can be found in our lunch section.

Can I Use Almond Flour in Place of Ground Almonds?

Keto baking results can vary wildly depending on a number of variables. We have chosen to use ground almonds to make our Keto French bread. Ground almonds provide a coarser, denser texture and contain more moisture than finely ground almond flour. Ground almonds are a lower carb option and provide more of a grainy, bread-like texture. If you wish to use almond flour to prepare your bread, you will need to increase the liquid content of the recipe. Please be sure to factor any changes made into your macros.

Serving Ideas

This Keto French bread has a dense texture, which is perfect for toasting. Why not try sliced and topped with shredded cheese then toasted until golden and bubbling. Alternatively, this is a great option for making your own low carb bruschetta, topped with juicy diced tomatoes, aromatic garlic and lashings of extra virgin olive oil. This also makes an excellent base for a Keto garlic bread. Sliced, toasted and topped with oozy garlic butter.

  • Net Carbs

    2.3 g

  • Fiber

    4.1 g

  • Total Carbs

    6.9 g

  • Protein

    4.8 g

  • Fats

    10.4 g

136 cals

Keto French Bread

#1 Low Carb & Keto Diet App Since 2010

Track macros, calories, and access top Keto recipes.

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  • Apple Cider Vinegar

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    2 teaspoon

  • Almonds, Raw

    Almonds, Raw

    1-½ cup, ground

  • Baking Soda

    Baking Soda

    1 teaspoon

  • Olive Oil

    Olive Oil

    1 tablespoon

  • Raw Egg

    Raw Egg

    1 large

  • 100% Pure Erythritol by Now

    100% Pure Erythritol by Now

    1 tsp

  • Xantham Gum Gluten Free by Hodgson Mill

    Xantham Gum Gluten Free by Hodgson Mill

    1 tsp

  • Quick-rise Instant Yeast by Fleischmann's

    Quick-rise Instant Yeast by Fleischmann's

    1 tsp

  • Salt, Sea Salt

    Salt, Sea Salt

    ½ teaspoon

  • Coconut Flour

    Coconut Flour

    ⅓ cup

  • Whole Ground Flaxseed Meal by Bob's Red Mill

    Whole Ground Flaxseed Meal by Bob's Red Mill

    ¼ cup

  • Warm Water

    Warm Water

    ¼ cup

Recipe Steps

steps 4

1 h 17 min

  • Step 1

    Add the ground almonds, coconut flour, ground flaxseed, baking soda, erythritol, instant yeast, xanthan gum and salt to a large mixing bowl. Mix the dry ingredients together until well combined. You may omit or increase the quantity of sweetener as desired to suit your tastes or use your preferred low carb granulated sweetener. Please adjust your macros to account for any changes made.
    Step 1
  • Step 2

    Crack the egg into the mixing bowl. Add the apple cider vinegar, and olive oil. Beat the wet and dry ingredients together well to combine. You should have a thick, crumbly consistency. Add the warm water to the bowl, drizzling in a little at a time and beating the mixture together as you go. Continue to add the water until a dough-like consistency has formed. Set the dough to one side to rest for 20 minutes.
    Step 2
  • Step 3

    Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit and line a shallow oven tray with baking paper. Knead the dough with your hands, forming into a ball. Turn the dough out onto the lined oven tray. Use your hands to mold the dough into a French baguette shape, roughly 3 inches wide and about 2.5 inches deep. Wet your hands with warm water and smooth the baguette all over, concealing any cracks.
    Step 3
  • Step 4

    Transfer the tray to the oven and bake for 40-45 minutes until cooked through and golden brown all over. The baguette should be soft and dense in the center and slightly risen all over. Set aside to cool. The baguette will provide 10 slices, perfect for toasting.
    Step 4

Comments 3

  • RousingCauliflower782869

    RousingCauliflower782869 2 years ago

    Can you substitute almond flour for the ground almonds?

    • UnbelievableKetone527155

      UnbelievableKetone527155 3 years ago


      • SuperKetone263147

        SuperKetone263147 3 years ago

        Did you use ground almonds? The taste was bad?