Low Carb Chicken Jalapeno Chili

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  • prep time

    prep time

    10 min

  • cook time

    cook time

    30 min

  • ready time

    ready time

    40 min

Low Carb Chicken Jalapeno Chili

381 ratings

This chicken chili is everything you want in a good cup of chili - thick, creamy, meaty, and plenty of melted cheese to go on top! Fresh jalapeno and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper gives a slow, warming burn as you eat it, but the sweet bell peppers mixed in keep it palatable. Enjoy this for your lunch or dinner during cold weather or on one of those days you want to cozy up with a blanket and a movie!

  • Net Carbs

    6.1 g

  • Fiber

    2.9 g

  • Total Carbs

    9.1 g

  • Protein

    47.4 g

  • Fats

    18 g

392 cals

Low Carb Chicken Jalapeno Chili

#1 Low Carb & Keto Diet App Since 2010

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  • Red Bell Peppers, Raw

    Red Bell Peppers, Raw

    2-½ ounce

  • Green Bell Pepper

    Green Bell Pepper

    2-½ ounce

  • Jalapeno Peppers

    Jalapeno Peppers

    1 large - approx 4" - 6" long

  • Boneless Chicken Breast

    Boneless Chicken Breast

    13 ounce

  • Olive Oil

    Olive Oil

    2 teaspoon

  • Tomato Paste

    Tomato Paste

    1 tablespoon

  • Chicken Broth

    Chicken Broth

    2-½ cup

  • Salt


    0.5 teaspoon

  • Black Pepper

    Black Pepper

    0.25 teaspoon

  • Garlic Powder

    Garlic Powder

    0.5 teaspoon

  • Onion Powder

    Onion Powder

    0.25 teaspoon

  • Cayenne


    0.12 teaspoon

  • Cumin, Ground

    Cumin, Ground

    0.25 teaspoon

  • Paprika


    1 teaspoon

  • Cauliflower Rice

    Cauliflower Rice

    1 cup, cut pieces

  • Sour Cream

    Sour Cream

    2-½ tablespoon

  • Cheddar Cheese

    Cheddar Cheese

    ⅓ cup, shredded

Recipe Steps

steps 8

40 min

  • Step 1

    Prepare the red and green bell peppers, as well as the jalapeno, by deseeding and chopping them. You can leave the jalapeno in larger pieces if you’re concerned about biting into one while eating later.
    Step 1
  • Step 2

    Remove any unwanted fat from the chicken breast. Then, chop the chicken into very small pieces for easy eating. In a large soup pot, heat the olive oil over medium-high heat. Place the chicken in the pot and let it cook until the exterior of the chicken is cooked through.
    Step 2
  • Step 3

    Toss in the bell peppers and jalapeno. Stir the ingredients together with the oil. Cover the pot, and let the ingredients cooked for 3-4 minutes to tenderize.
    Step 3
  • Step 4

    Next, stir in the tomato paste. Once the ingredients are coated in the tomato paste, stir in the chicken broth.
    Step 4
  • Step 5

    Stir in the salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne, cumin, and paprika. Cover the pot, and bring the chili to a boil. Then, reduce the heat to a simmer and allow the chili to simmer for about 10 minutes to reduce slightly.
    Step 5
  • Step 6

    Once reduced, stir in the cauliflower rice. To thicken the chili, remove a ½-cup of liquid from the pot. Whisk the sour cream into this liquid until you see a smooth liquid.
    Step 6
  • Step 7

    Stir the thickened liquid back into the chili. Let the chili simmer, uncovered, on a very low heat for an additional 10 minutes.
    Step 7
  • Step 8

    This chili makes 3 cups by volume. For serving, top off each cup of chili with a ⅛-cup of shredded cheddar cheese. The melted cheese makes a perfectly thick chili consistency!
    Step 8

Comments 28

  • OutstandingCauliflower874761

    OutstandingCauliflower874761 4 months ago

    Excellent. I cannot even believe it is healthy and so delish! I will make it more often. Especially during cold rainy days.

    • SuperKale131679

      SuperKale131679 6 months ago

      This is so yummy! It cleans out your sinuses and warms you to your toes… I did add a few mushrooms and 1 oz cream cheese which gave it a slightly creamy touch and made it more hearty with the added mushrooms. A new fave!

      • PropitiousAvocado514576

        PropitiousAvocado514576 7 months ago

        Wow, love the bit this one has….I'm a novice in the kitchen but even with my ineptitude this came out fantastic

        • RemarkableKetone550441

          RemarkableKetone550441 a year ago

          Really tasty, but more soup than Chili.

          • Immy1212

            Immy1212 a year ago

            This is soo good and filling

            • FantasticArugula427619

              FantasticArugula427619 a year ago


              • StupendousKale535318

                StupendousKale535318 a year ago

                Really good. Nice texture. I will double the recipe next time.

                • FantasticRadish175459

                  FantasticRadish175459 2 years ago

                  Very good!

                  • SugarFreeSobriety

                    SugarFreeSobriety 2 years ago

                    Very Tasty! I did not add sour cream and cheese until serving so we could apportion any sour cream individually. I also used 1.25 lbs of ground turkey instead of chicken breast…Sooooo good!

                    • FabulousKetone567985

                      FabulousKetone567985 2 years ago

                      This is delish!!!!! I only used half the jalapeño asked for bc the rest of the family can only handle a little spice, but if you like it spicy, use it all!! I love cumin so I added more. If you follow the recipe for the meat and peppers by “grams” AND simmer as called for, then it makes exactly 3 cups. My family does not like cauliflower, but it takes on the flavor of the broth and just adds more texture to the soup so they loved it! The cayenne is literally just a “sprinkle” but just adds that little oomph!! Yummy!!!!

                      • UpbeatCauliflower183253

                        UpbeatCauliflower183253 2 years ago

                        I doubled the recipe and used rabbit meat instead of chicken. It was a hit with everyone in my family this is definitely a keeper!

                        • ckyogi

                          ckyogi 2 years ago

                          It's ok. I think the nutrition info is way off. I measured out 2 cups of the finished soup and there's still about 3 or 4 cups left.

                          • FabulousKetone567985

                            FabulousKetone567985 2 years ago

                            Hmmm…. It came out exactly 3 cups for me of yummy delicious?? Did you Double it somehow?

                        • RousingKetone475520

                          RousingKetone475520 3 years ago

                          I made this last night and used grated zucchini instead of cauliflower rice. It was excellent! Highly recommend.

                          • IncredibleAvocado117339

                            IncredibleAvocado117339 3 years ago

                            I used ground turkey - delicious!

                            • OutstandingKetone897702

                              OutstandingKetone897702 3 years ago

                              Awesome recipe! One of my favorites!

                              • CINDYEMINER

                                CINDYEMINER 3 years ago

                                One of my favorites!

                                • DivaJones31063

                                  DivaJones31063 3 years ago

                                  I followed this recipe to the letter until I realized I added whole can of tomato paste! I was already committed so I kept going. I added about 1/4 cup of sour cream and kept it moving. I don’t know how it was supposed to taste, but it was awesome!

                                  • UpbeatKale900794

                                    UpbeatKale900794 2 years ago

                                    I once made a recipe with bacon and used a pound instead of a quarter pound. Man! It was yummy! LOL.

                                • RousingRadish798408

                                  RousingRadish798408 3 years ago

                                  I loved it 😍

                                  • NVKC

                                    NVKC 3 years ago

                                    This is my favorite recipe so far. It is super delicious. I used a chicken thigh instead of breast and only had a green bell pepper. I will definitely make this again.

                                    • Susie

                                      Susie 3 years ago

                                      Loved this, yum! Was so nice to have a bowl of restaurant quality soup. Easy to make as well!

                                      • CINDYEMINER

                                        CINDYEMINER 3 years ago

                                        I love this recipe. One of my favorites

                                        • Gemmie02

                                          Gemmie02 3 years ago

                                          Quite Tasty! The flavors blend beautifully. Instead of cayenne and jalapeno, I used an oz or 2 frozen green chili. It didn't take long and was an easy recipe. But, it is higher in carbs because of the bell peppers (especially the red one-but the taste was great because of it!) I used keto cauliflower rice (vacuum sealed) from Costco

                                          • mmegustafson

                                            mmegustafson 3 years ago

                                            That was delicious. Even the picky eater in my house liked it!

                                            • FantasticKetone785434

                                              FantasticKetone785434 3 years ago

                                              Oh my goodness - the only negative thing about this is that I want to eat the whole recipe’s worth!! Absolutely delicious, thank you.

                                              • Kristie

                                                Kristie 3 years ago

                                                My family loves it!

                                                • MirthfulKetone493314

                                                  MirthfulKetone493314 3 years ago

                                                  Good food.