Keto Hashbrowns

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  • prep time

    prep time

    5 min

  • cook time

    cook time

    16 min

  • ready time

    ready time

    21 min

Keto Hashbrowns

35 ratings

Yum - you’ll never know the difference between these hash browns and potato hash browns you get at a breakfast diner! This easy Keto breakfast recipe will make the perfect side dish when you have a little time to make your meal. Cauliflower rice is mixed with egg and spices, then it’s fried in healthy avocado oil. Cauliflower rice cooks up crispy, just like potatoes. The hash browns are perfectly golden on the outside and tender and chewy on the inside. You can use this recipe for meal prepping or a special Sunday breakfast. If you’re meal prepping, you can keep the hash browns for up to 4 days in your refrigerator. Whether everyone at your table is Keto or not, nobody will know the difference when they bite into your cauliflower hash browns!

What cooking oils are Keto-friendly?

Usually, if you are going to fry something, you need a cooking oil with a higher smoking point than olive oil. When you can’t use olive oil, use avocado or coconut oil. These oils have much healthier fats than other frying oils, like vegetable oil. If you don’t want to taste the oil after cooking, you’ll prefer avocado oil. Coconut oil will always leave a light coconut flavor behind.

Make it a meal

Hash browns are obviously a side dish for what should be a larger Keto breakfast. Focus on getting protein and more fat on your plate. Try a Carb Manager breakfast sandwich recipe, or go for classic bacon and eggs. Let other users know in the comments what Keto foods you like to eat your hash browns with!

Cauliflower vs potatoes

Cauliflower may seem strange at first, but it’s the perfect substitution for potatoes on the Keto diet! Not to mention, cauliflower has significantly fewer carbs. Use cauliflower rice just like riced potatoes - make hash browns, use it as a filler, or make “mashed potatoes”.

  • Net Carbs

    2.9 g

  • Fiber

    3.1 g

  • Total Carbs

    6.1 g

  • Protein

    5.5 g

  • Fats

    30.5 g

311 cals

Keto Hashbrowns

#1 Low Carb & Keto Diet App Since 2010

Track macros, calories, and access top Keto recipes.

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  • Cauliflower Rice

    Cauliflower Rice

    2 cup, cut pieces

  • Salt


    1 teaspoon

  • Black Pepper

    Black Pepper

    1 teaspoon

  • Raw Egg

    Raw Egg

    1 large

  • Avocado oil

    Avocado oil

    0.25 cup

Recipe Steps

steps 3

21 min

  • Step 1

    Combine the cauliflower rice, egg, salt, and pepper in a bowl. If you’re using cauliflower rice from frozen, make sure it’s thawed and all excess water is drained. Mix together to combine.
    Step 1
  • Step 2

    Heat the avocado oil in a medium sized skillet on high heat. Divide the rice mixture into 4 portions and drop them into the oil. Use a spatula to flatten the portions to a ½-inch thickness and reshape the hashbrowns into traditional rectangles.
    Step 2
  • Step 3

    Cook the hashbrowns for 3-4 minutes per side or until they have crispy golden-brown edges. Transfer the cooked hashbrowns to a plate for serving. You can serve the hash browns with Keto ketchup or another low-carb sauce for dipping!
    Step 3

Comments 31

  • Denise

    Denise 7 months ago

    I made them like traditional hash browns. I used frozen riced cauliflower and cooked it then squeezed all the water of it. Then I sautéed the green peppers and onions in a little bacon grease. Then I added the dry cauliflower and cooked them all in ghee. I also added some salt, pepper and garlic powder. Before it finished I added cheddar cheese.

    • Catpack

      Catpack 2 years ago

      I used pkg riced cauliflower and didn't squeeze the water out, which is prolly where the problem was. They didn't form at all. So I had a frying pan of riced cauliflower. Flavor was good but def needs another egg at least.

      • AwesomeKale470946

        AwesomeKale470946 2 years ago

        Flavor is great but it will take practice to consistently make Pattie’s. The moisture is the key.

        • SplendidArugula949494

          SplendidArugula949494 a year ago

          What if you roast the cauliflower. It won’t be as moist

        • SplendidArugula949494

          SplendidArugula949494 a year ago

          What if you roast

      • debs2inspire

        debs2inspire 2 years ago

        Recipe needed more eggs or less cauliflower. Turned out to be scrambled cauliflower.

        • Sarah Lou Cat Lady

          Sarah Lou Cat Lady 2 years ago

          Loved this. I added chilli flakes for flavour and 2 tablespoons of parmesan cheese to help bind them. 1 did fall apart a bit as I flipped it but obviously flipped too early so will be aware of that next time.

          • Fitchris73

            Fitchris73 3 years ago

            I added some fresh minced garlic in the mix & shredded cheddar cheese! The cheese helped keep it all together & extra crispy edges..mmm!

            • Mallk1

              Mallk1 3 years ago

              Added garlic and fresh coriander for flavour and made for lunch and it was lovely- rated 4 stars because it fell apart

              • sparkles

                sparkles 3 years ago

                I used frozen riced cauliflower. I microwaved the cauliflower to cook/defrost, then squeezed water out. I did not mix in salt and pepper, and cooked my patties in ghee for more flavor. I like more crispy edges so next time I might skip the patties and break apart the cauliflower into smaller bites.

                • MCook83

                  MCook83 3 years ago

                  Can I air fry these instead?

                  • AmazingKetone573511

                    AmazingKetone573511 3 years ago

                    These are tasty but much too salty as is, especially if served with bacon. I will cut the amount of salt by half the next time.

                    • One Hot Momma

                      One Hot Momma 3 years ago

                      Very tasty and not too eggy.. I HATE EGGY! My teenage daughter even ate them and she does not eat eggs. However, I did add a little garlic and onion powder and salt and pepper to taste to mixture. Could have probably added a little extra salt at the end too but I didn't. The suggestion of adding nutritional yeast to mixture would have helped hold it together better while cooking. Will try that next time... there WILL be a next time.

                      • Kakimomdad

                        Kakimomdad 3 years ago

                        These taste just as good if you use shredded cabbage instead of the cauliflower.

                        • Anonymous

                          Anonymous 3 years ago

                          I will try this in a waffle Iron

                          • Violet

                            Violet 3 years ago

                            These Cauliflower hashbrowns were so delicious

                            • Charlotte

                              Charlotte 4 years ago

                              I found the recipe a little bland. But I did enjoy the consistency. I will be trying this again but with some additional herbs and spices to jazz it up! Maybe even add some cheese. Yummm

                              • Savconner

                                Savconner 4 years ago

                                Love this recipe! So quick and easy

                                • Anonymous

                                  Anonymous 4 years ago

                                  I cooked in avocado oil and threw some chives on top, tasted like potato pancakes! YUMMM

                                  • Nicole91390

                                    Nicole91390 4 years ago

                                    Definitely way too much salt and pepper, I would cut the measurements in half for these at least!

                                    • whidbeyisland1961f64f

                                      whidbeyisland1961f64f 4 years ago

                                      Can you use bacon fat to fry it in?

                                      • recipewriter

                                        recipewriter 4 years ago


                                    • whidbeyisland1961f64f

                                      whidbeyisland1961f64f 4 years ago

                                      I added 1 oz of cheese to the mix

                                      • CeCee

                                        CeCee 4 years ago

                                        This has really helped with my potato craving. Eat it at least a couple times a week. Make sure the rice is well drained or else it will fall apart.

                                        • Nenita Campos

                                          Nenita Campos 5 years ago

                                          Oh sorpresa no creí que realmente sabría tan idéntico a las papa reales me encanto


                                   5 years ago

                                            I tried these but it was falling apart. I followed the recipe exactly as it is but it didn’t work out.

                                            • One Hot Momma

                                              One Hot Momma 3 years ago

                                              I did not precooked my cauliflower but I did let the mixture set up bit longer in the pan before still carefully flipping. They formed and came out nicely.

                                            • Hot momma

                                              Hot momma 4 years ago

                                              I haven't tried it yet but I'm going to. I'm glad I saw your post first. I do think you have to cook it first. Cauliflower releases water when cooked. This I feel could make it fall apart if not pre- cooked. I will let you know if it works out better.

                                            • DebbieB

                                              DebbieB 4 years ago

                                              Me too. Maybe you were supposed to use cooked cauliflower?

                                          • MichelleElle

                                            MichelleElle 5 years ago

                                            I had the thought that I could make something like this with shredded zuchhini but I like the idea of cauliflower better. I think I'll try adding a little nutritional yeast to it to give it a cheesy flavor!

                                            • Dawnte'

                                              Dawnte' 5 years ago

                                              I tried shredded zuchini first because I was o out of cauliflower. It is amazing with zuchini!!