Keto Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce

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  • prep time

    prep time

    8 h 10 min

  • cook time

    cook time

    25 min

  • ready time

    ready time

    8 h 35 min

Keto Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce

Everyone has their favorite dishes to go on the dinner table for Thanksgiving day. Some like their cranberry sauce with pieces of fresh cranberries in it and some like it sliced straight from the can. If you’re part of the latter, you’ll like this Keto Thanksgiving recipe for cranberry sauce. The sauce is smooth, glossy, and with a jelly-like consistency. It’s flavored with citrus and a touch of sweetness. This sauce is perfect for pairing warm with a holiday turkey or cold on a leftovers sandwich. The bright flavors actually go along with other dishes too including chicken, pork, and beef.

Are Cranberries Keto?

The most common low-carb berries on the Keto diet are blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries. Cranberries are a seasonal item that aren't typically found in grocery stores year-round, so you won’t hear about them as much. Cranberries are actually Keto-friendly and only include about 12 grams of carbohydrates per cup in raw weight.

How To Thicken The Sauce

If you’d like an even thicker cranberry sauce that is like gelatinized canned cranberry sauce, you can include powdered gelatin in the recipe. However, that makes the sauce no longer vegetarian or vegan. A vegan alternative would be to use powdered fruit pectin. Once the thickened sauce chills in your refrigerator, it should set like jelly.

  • Net Carbs

    2.1 g

  • Fiber

    0.9 g

  • Total Carbs

    3 g

  • Protein

    0.1 g

  • Fats

    0 g

12 cals

Keto Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce

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  • Cranberries, fresh

    Cranberries, fresh

    1 cup

  • Water


    0.75 cup

  • Liquid stevia

    Liquid stevia

    5 Drop

  • Lemon juice

    Lemon juice

    0.13 tsp

  • Orange Peel Or Zest Raw

    Orange Peel Or Zest Raw

    0.25 tsp

Recipe Steps

steps 3

8 h 35 min

  • Step 1

    Make sure you start the recipe with frozen cranberries. If you can only find fresh cranberries, make sure to freeze them before starting the recipe. Combine whole, frozen cranberries and water in a pot on the stove. Cover the pot with a lid and bring the water to a simmer. Let the cranberries simmer until they burst, break down, and release their juices. Once the cranberries are soft enough to mash with the back of a fork, continue simmering them (covered) for an additional 10 minutes on low heat. This ensures you get the most juice and flavor from the cranberries.
    Step 1
  • Step 2

    Remove the pot of cranberries from the stove and set it aside. Use a hand immersion blender to blend the cranberries and liquid into a puree. Then, pour the puree through a sieve to remove all the pulp and seeds to reveal a bright red and glossy sauce. Discard the pulp and return the sauce to your pot on the stove. Stir liquid stevia, lemon juice, and orange zest into the sauce.
    Step 2
  • Step 3

    Heat the sauce until it’s bubbling over low heat. Watch the sauce, as it shouldn’t need to reduce much until it reaches a proper sticky consistency. Once the cranberry sauce is done cooking, pour it into a dish for serving. You may serve the sauce warm or set it in your refrigerator to chill and thicken like canned cranberry sauce. The cranberry sauce will be at its thickest after setting for 8 hours.
    Step 3