Keto Beer Bread

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  • prep time

    prep time

    20 min

  • cook time

    cook time

    1 h 30 min

  • ready time

    ready time

    1 h 50 min

Keto Beer Bread

Are you a beer fan, but on the Keto or low carb diet? You will love this Keto Beer Bread, which utilizes your favorite beer. This bread is studded with whole flaxseed for texture, this high fiber bread is low in net carbs thanks to ingredients like almond flour and psyllium husk powder, but has a beautiful hoppy flavor. The result is a sturdy bread with a slightly hoppy and malty flavor. Delicious served with a smear of salted butter on top or a carrier for mashed avocados.

What kind of beer should I use?

You can use any beer in this recipe. The best type of beer to use is one with a strong flavor like an IPA, which is used here. This results in the most carryover flavor after the baking process. Get creative with it!

Why is the beer heated?

The beer is heated because the temperature helps the psyllium husk hydrate properly. This will give it a large rise in the oven. It may not look like the bread will rise, but be patient. At about the one hour mark, the bread will start to rise significantly. Do not be tempted to open the oven and disturb the bread as it can easily collapse at this point. Allow it to finish baking and begin to check it at the 90-minute mark. Keto and low carb bread are hard to burn so it is better to be cautious than to underbake the bread rendering it useless.

How do I store finished Keto bread?

Keto bread is higher in water content, so it tends to mold quickly. To avoid molding, place bread in the fridge for up to one week covered tightly in plastic wrap. You can also slice the loaf and freeze it, which will allow it to last for two weeks or more.

Serving suggestion

This beer bread would be delicious served with Keto Vegan Guacamole

  • Net Carbs

    1.4 g

  • Fiber

    2.9 g

  • Total Carbs

    4.3 g

  • Protein

    2.7 g

  • Fats

    4.9 g

72 cals

Keto Beer Bread

#1 Low Carb & Keto Diet App Since 2010

Track macros, calories, and access top Keto recipes.

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  • Almond Flour

    Almond Flour

    1-¼ cup

  • Psyllium Husk Powder Soluble Fiber by Now

    Psyllium Husk Powder Soluble Fiber by Now

    5 tbsp

  • Coarse Kosher Salt by Morton

    Coarse Kosher Salt by Morton

    1 tsp

  • Baking Powder

    Baking Powder

    1 teaspoon

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    2 teaspoon

  • Founder's All Day IPA

    Founder's All Day IPA

    8 ounce

  • Raw Egg

    Raw Egg

    3 large

  • Flax Seeds

    Flax Seeds

    ¼ cup

Recipe Steps

steps 5

1 h 50 min

  • Step 1

    Preheat an oven to 350 F. Spray a standard loaf pan with nonstick cooking spray and set aside. Combine the almond flour, psyllium husk powder, salt and baking powder together in the bottom of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment. You do not need to mix this together well at this point as it will mix well in the next step.
    Step 1
  • Step 2

    Heat the beer in a heat proof measuring cup in the microwave until very hot (not simmering temperature, but close). Add the vinegar to the beer. With the mixer on slow, add the beer/vinegar mixture slowly. Once all the beer has been added, turn the mixer to medium high and allow to beat for 1 minute or so.
    Step 2
  • Step 3

    Next, add the eggs. You can add the eggs all at the same time. Mix until very well incorporated and smooth, about 1-2 minutes on medium high speed. Use a dough scraper to remove the dough from the bowl.
    Step 3
  • Step 4

    Shape the dough into a loaf shape and place it into the prepared loaf pan. Bake for at least 1 hour and 30 minutes. The loaf will not rise until the one hour mark, so be patient. It is better to overbake this loaf then underbake as the structure will collapse. If this happens, immediately place the loaf back into the oven to allow it to rise again.
    Step 4
  • Step 5

    Once the loaf is baked, allow it to cool slightly before attempting to remove it from the loaf pan. Slice it into 20 slices using a sharp bread knife. Store in the fridge wrapped tightly in plastic wrap or freeze it.
    Step 5