Keto Crab Cakes

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  • prep time

    prep time

    5 min

  • cook time

    cook time

    10 min

  • ready time

    ready time

    15 min

Keto Crab Cakes

44 ratings

Yes, crab cakes CAN be ketogenic! By staying light on the mixed in condiments, and going gluten free with the breading, you can have a crab cake that is juicy, flavorful, flaky, and healthy. Each serving provides you with two crab cakes, which make you a delicious lunch. Pair them with a low carb side or top a keto salad with your crab cakes.

  • Net Carbs

    3.8 g

  • Fiber

    0.5 g

  • Total Carbs

    4.4 g

  • Protein

    18.3 g

  • Fats

    17.9 g

233 cals

 Keto Crab Cakes

#1 Low Carb & Keto Diet App Since 2010

Track macros, calories, and access top Keto recipes.

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  • Crab Meat by Great Value

    Crab Meat by Great Value

    8 ounce

  • Egg


    1 large

  • Mayonnaise, Low-calorie Or Diet, Lowfat Mayonnaise

    Mayonnaise, Low-calorie Or Diet, Lowfat Mayonnaise

    2 tablespoon

  • Sauce Worcestershire

    Sauce Worcestershire

    1 teaspoon

  • Salt Table

    Salt Table

    ⅛ tsp

  • Seasoning by Old Bay

    Seasoning by Old Bay

    2 tsp

  • Parsley Raw

    Parsley Raw

    1 tbsp

  • Green Onions

    Green Onions

    1 tablespoon

  • Dill Weed Fresh

    Dill Weed Fresh

    ½ tablespoon

  • Almond Flour by Bob's Red Mill

    Almond Flour by Bob's Red Mill

    1 tablespoon

  • Butter


    1-½ tablespoon

Recipe Steps

steps 3

15 min

  • Step 1

    In a bowl, combine all the ingredients except for the butter. Make sure your fresh herbs are finely chopped and the crab is flaked finely.
    Step 1
  • Step 2

    Melt the butter in a large iron skillet or stainless steel pan. Heat the skillet/pan to a medium high heat. With your hands, form four even sized crab cakes and place them in the pan. Press them down slightly with a spatula so they resemble a thick disk.
    Step 2
  • Step 3

    Cook the crab cakes for about 4 minutes, or until the cooked side turns golden brown. Gently flip the crab cakes over and cook for an additional four minutes or until they release from the pan. Serve with fresh lemon juice at your discretion for a fresh flavor!
    Step 3

Comments 28

  • IncredibleKetone606257

    IncredibleKetone606257 a year ago

    Yummy! Would cut the seasoning in half (1 T vs 2T) and also add a little mustard.

    • curanowski

      curanowski 2 years ago


      • SplendidKetone168920

        SplendidKetone168920 3 years ago

        Very good! Easy to make! Based on others’ feedback, I increased the almond so it wouldn’t be as wet. Next time, I’ll omit the salt and/or cut down on the Old Bay seasoning as it was too salty for my taste.

        • StellarKetone263971

          StellarKetone263971 3 years ago

          Is the full recipe one serving?

          • josie0695

            josie0695 2 years ago

            2 servings at 2 crab cakes per serving = 4 cakes. 8 oz of crab meat divided among 4 cakes = approx 2 oz per cake, or 4 oz per serving. 🙂

          • SplendidKetone168920

            SplendidKetone168920 3 years ago

            2 servings as one recipe makes 4 cakes and 2 cakes is one serving.

          • AmazingAvocado319129

            AmazingAvocado319129 3 years ago

            I’m trying to figure that out too. I’d you use 8 oz of crab how many servings does it make!

        • StupendousKetone239141

          StupendousKetone239141 3 years ago

          So good!

          • BlithesomeArugula699202

            BlithesomeArugula699202 3 years ago

            So good! Yummy!

            • Honey13

              Honey13 3 years ago

              Delicious! I need not say more.

              • GR8DAY

                GR8DAY 3 years ago

                Excellent! Quick and easy to make. Pairs great with keto tartar sauce recipe. I increased the almond flour to get a thicker consistency. 😋

                • Monica369

                  Monica369 3 months ago

                  Can I use a few Ritz crackers since I don't have almond flour?

              • MadelynSummers

                MadelynSummers 3 years ago

                What can I use in place of almond flour?

                • Lee

                  Lee 8 months ago

                  Keto Panko bread crumbs or ground pork rinds.

                • brooksn

                  brooksn 3 years ago

                  I didn't use any flour at all. They were scrumptious!

                • Roni Lou

                  Roni Lou 3 years ago

                  Can we use ground pork rinds instead of flour?

                • Welcome to Melville

                  Welcome to Melville 3 years ago

                  You could try coconut flour but I would use less of it

              • Chrissie438

                Chrissie438 3 years ago

                Really enjoyed these crab cakes! You have to try!

                • Sue

                  Sue 4 years ago

                  Fresh BC Dungeness crab, was delicious, definitely 5 star. Stuffed after 1, used the juice of a lemon with a salad and slice of fresh keto bread.

                  • Ndubid

                    Ndubid 4 years ago

                    This is absolutely delicious!

                    • laurahughes518698a73150

                      laurahughes518698a73150 4 years ago

                      Very good!

                      • Anonymous

                        Anonymous 4 years ago

                        Delicious!!!!! I used keto pancake mix instead of almond flour and it worked great!!

                        • AnnieBW1

                          AnnieBW1 4 years ago

                          This Marylander approves! I doubled the recipe, and broiled them instead of fried them. I also added a bit of psyllium fiber to absorb some of the liquid. I seved it with some keto ketchup.

                          • Michaella

                            Michaella 4 years ago

                            Can u freeze these

                            • recipewriter

                              recipewriter 4 years ago

                              Yes! It would be best to freeze the cakes before cooking them, but you may freeze them after cooking as well.

                          • AKW123

                            AKW123 4 years ago

                            Outstanding! It was easy and very satisfying!

                            • Claybob

                              Claybob 4 years ago

                              Delicious. I simply pour the whole galoop into the hot pan, flatten with a spatula, then partition into wedges as they cook. Add a 1:1 mix of mayo and hot sauce for a bit of zazzy topping! Also, coconut flour would likely work as it’s such a small amount, although it will slightly increase the carb count. I’d add an extra egg and go light on flour.

                              • Donielleee

                                Donielleee 4 years ago

                                I was a bit nervous as they’re super wet before you cook them, but they stayed together and were delicious! I made a little dip with sour cream, lemon juice, and more dill weed to go with it (more fat!) and it was great. I made it to taste, but used two tablespoons of sour cream.