Low Carb Jumbo Egg Rolls

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  • prep time

    prep time

    17 min

  • cook time

    cook time

    25 min

  • ready time

    ready time

    42 min

Low Carb Jumbo Egg Rolls

These Chinese inspired Keto egg rolls are packed with all the flavor of a traditional egg roll, encased in a low carb tortilla style wrap. These deliciously filling egg rolls are packed with flavor and make an excellent lunch or dinner option. Perfect served alongside your favorite Chinese inspired Keto sides, a simple salad or simply enjoyed on their own.

What is a Good Substitute for Pork?

We have prepared our Keto egg rolls with ground pork to recreate that traditional filling flavor. However, we understand that this is not to everyone’s preference and may not be appropriate for all diets. In this instance, ground chicken or turkey makes an excellent substitute. Ground thigh meat is the best alternative as this has a higher fat content, provides greater flavor and is less likely to dry out. Follow the directions as noted for the pork, but be sure to adjust your macros to account for the changes.

Is This Paleo?

These Keto egg rolls are almost perfectly Paleo, with the exception of tamari sauce, which is made from soy. If you would like to make this recipe Paleo compliant, you may substitute the tamari sauce with coconut aminos. Alternatively, you can simply add some lime juice for a citrus twist. If you are omitting the sauce be sure to add seasoning to the dish to compensate. Please adjust your macros if you make any alterations to the recipe.

  • Net Carbs

    5.9 g

  • Fiber

    2.7 g

  • Total Carbs

    8.6 g

  • Protein

    48.5 g

  • Fats

    57.4 g

739 cals

Low Carb Jumbo Egg Rolls

#1 Low Carb & Keto Diet App Since 2010

Track macros, calories, and access top Keto recipes.

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  • Ground Pork

    Ground Pork

    9 ounce

  • Sesame Seeds

    Sesame Seeds

    4 teaspoon, whole pieces

  • Raw Egg

    Raw Egg

    4 medium

  • Olive Oil

    Olive Oil

    2 tablespoon

  • Sesame Oil

    Sesame Oil

    2 teaspoon

  • Scallions


    2 medium - 4 1/8" long

  • Garlic


    1 clove

  • Tamari Sauce

    Tamari Sauce

    1 tablespoon

  • Red Cabbage

    Red Cabbage

    ½ cup

  • Cabbage


    ½ cup

  • Ginger Root, Raw

    Ginger Root, Raw

    ½ slice - 1" diameter

  • Garlic Powder

    Garlic Powder

    ¼ teaspoon

  • Salt, Sea Salt

    Salt, Sea Salt

    ⅛ teaspoon

  • Black Pepper, Ground

    Black Pepper, Ground

    ⅛ teaspoon

Recipe Steps

steps 6

42 min

  • Step 1

    Heat a tablespoon of the olive oil in a large skillet over a medium-high heat. Add the ground pork. Cook the pork in the oil until browned all over, breaking up any larger chunks of meat as you go. You may use an alternative ground meat if desired, just be sure to factor this into your macros.
    Step 1
  • Step 2

    Crush the garlic and grate the ginger. Thinly slice the cabbage and the scallions. Add the garlic, ginger, cabbage and scallions to the skillet with the browned pork. Stir well to combine. Stir fry for 2-3 minutes to soften the vegetables a little.
    Step 2
  • Step 3

    Add the tamari sauce and sesame oil to the skillet. Stir well to combine. Stir fry the pork and vegetables for 1-2 minutes more, or until the vegetables are tender and the pork is golden, and everything looks slightly caramelized. Transfer to a bowl using a slotted spoon, set aside and keep warm while you prepare the egg roll wraps.
    Step 3
  • Step 4

    Crack the eggs into a mixing bowl. Add the sesame seeds, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Beat together well until completely combined and the seeds are evenly distributed throughout the beaten egg mixture. The sesame seeds will provide the wrap with a little crunch in the absence of the traditional crispy batter.
    Step 4
  • Step 5

    Heat the remaining olive oil in the skillet used to cook the filling, over a medium/high heat. Once the oil is hot, add half the beaten egg mixture and swirl immediately to coat the base of the skillet. Let the egg settle and cook through underneath. The top of the tortilla should look set, this will give you an indication the underneath is cooked and should be lightly golden all over. Turn the tortilla very carefully out onto a dinner plate then flip over, back into the pan to brown and crisp the other side. These tortillas are thin and delicate so be careful! Cook the other side of the tortilla until golden brown. The tortilla should be browned all over with a hint of crunch from the sesame seeds. Remove the cooked tortilla from the pan and repeat with the remaining egg mixture, re-oiling the pan as needed.
    Step 5
  • Step 6

    Take half of the pork filling and arrange it down the center of each of the sesame egg tortillas. Fold the edges of each tortilla up around the filling to create 2 large wraps. Slice each wrap in half to serve.
    Step 6