Keto Italian Beef With Cabbage Noodles

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  • prep time

    prep time

    10 min

  • cook time

    cook time

    20 min

  • ready time

    ready time

    30 min

Keto Italian Beef With Cabbage Noodles

1823 ratings

This meal is a gut-filling crowd pleaser! The thinly sliced cabbage acts like “noodles” in this hearty Italian meat sauce. It requires only a little prep work, and is finished within about 30 minutes so there’s no need to slave over the stove for hours! The recipe yields 8 servings which may sound like a lot, but this dish is great to meal prep to keep in the fridge and freezer for future meals!

  • Net Carbs

    6.3 g

  • Fiber

    2.3 g

  • Total Carbs

    8.6 g

  • Protein

    31.8 g

  • Fats

    23.8 g

376 cals

Keto Italian Beef With Cabbage Noodles

#1 Low Carb & Keto Diet App Since 2010

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  • Hamburger Or Ground Beef, 85% Lean

    Hamburger Or Ground Beef, 85% Lean

    2 pound

  • Marinara Sauce by Rao's Homemade

    Marinara Sauce by Rao's Homemade

    24 ounce

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    2 tablespoon

  • Garlic, Fresh

    Garlic, Fresh

    4 clove

  • Salt


    ½ teaspoon

  • Italian Seasoning

    Italian Seasoning

    1 teaspoon

  • Basil, Dried

    Basil, Dried

    ½ teaspoon

  • Cabbage, Green, Raw

    Cabbage, Green, Raw

    6 cup, chopped

  • Basil


    1 tablespoon, chopped

Recipe Steps

steps 4

30 min

  • Step 1

    Heat olive oil in a large pan or pot over medium heat. Once hot, add the ground beef, breaking it up with a spatula or spoon.
    Step 1
  • Step 2

    Add the garlic, salt, italian seasoning and basil to the meat. Once it is about halfway to being fully cooked, add in the jar of Rao’s sauce. Bring to a boil and reduce the heat to medium-low.
    Step 2
  • Step 3

    Thinly slice the cabbage, add it to the beef, and toss with a pair of tongs. Once the cabbage is somewhat coated in the tomato and beef mixture, reduce the heat to medium-low and mostly cover the pan with a lid, just leaving a small crack for heat to escape and reduce. Allow the mixture to simmer for about 7-10 minutes, or until the cabbage softens.
    Step 3
  • Step 4

    Allow the mixture to simmer for about 7-10 minutes, or until the cabbage softens. Remove the lid from the pan and allow to cook for a few more minutes to evaporate any liquid that was released from the cabbage. Top with chopped basil and serve!
    Step 4

Comments 30

  • Scarling777

    Scarling777 7 days ago

    My family and I really liked this recipe. I did double up on the spices after reading others' comments that this meal was kind of bland. I didn't find it bland at all when it was done. I had to cook it way longer than the 10+ minutes though. The cabbage just wouldn't soften fast enough. Anyway, we loved this meal and will definitely be making it again.

    • Rita

      Rita 22 days ago

      I use fresh Roma tomatoes to cut the sodium. In my opinion the flavor is better too. I also increase the spices but decrease the half tsp salt to 1/4 tsp. It's also good with shredded beef subbed for the ground meat. I make the beef in a pressure pot so that it's very tender. Fresh peppers also a nice addition. Love this recipe! It's so versatile.

      • Ketonecraig

        Ketonecraig a month ago

        Do you drain the grease from the hamburger, or cook it with the grease?

        • Songbird

          Songbird 15 days ago

          In watching the video, it looks like they do not drain the beef

      • RousingCauliflower882283

        RousingCauliflower882283 2 months ago

        A favourite

        • Carrol

          Carrol 2 months ago

          Super easy to make but I thought it was a little bland. I will try again and increase the spices.

          • Shanshan33

            Shanshan33 2 months ago

            This looks so good.

            • OutstandingKale344628

              OutstandingKale344628 2 months ago

              I didn’t have spaghetti sauce so I added a can of diced tomatoes and a can of sauce with Italian seasonings. Delicious!!

              • beccaengelke0ffd

                beccaengelke0ffd 2 months ago

                One of my favorites and my husband's. Topped it with some Parmesan, delish!!

                • Worsann

                  Worsann 2 months ago

                  I felt like it was pretty good. My husband ate it, but was not a fan of the cabbage noodles. Probably will not make it again.

                  • janicekswan0751

                    janicekswan0751 2 months ago

                    I use Turkey and the bagged coleslaw cabbage. Probably use way more than recipe.

                    • alcoleman01

                      alcoleman01 21 days ago

                      Okay great! I was wondering if I could use the shredded cabbage instead.

                  • SuperRadish231440

                    SuperRadish231440 2 months ago

                    Outstanding. I cook the cabbage a bit longer and it’s even better with a dollop of sour cream.

                    • AmazingKetone603674

                      AmazingKetone603674 2 months ago

                      A favorite

                      • IneffableKale303540

                        IneffableKale303540 3 months ago

                        This was a family delight! Just simmered a little longer for the cabbage

                        • MarvellousMacadamia373668

                          MarvellousMacadamia373668 3 months ago

                          Combination will really bring the weight down and taste great too!

                          • MarvellousMacadamia373668

                            MarvellousMacadamia373668 3 months ago

                            Great taste...simple and easy for a work week dinner. Carbs, protein and fat right in line for a healthy meal.

                            • Jellybeana

                              Jellybeana 3 months ago

                              Love this meal, one of my favorites

                              • CALIFORNIA REFUGEE

                                CALIFORNIA REFUGEE 3 months ago

                                Very good, but I would ramp up the spices a bit.

                                • FantasticMacadamia474249

                                  FantasticMacadamia474249 3 months ago

                                  Delicious and easy to make. My family devoured it and asked for seconds! Will definitely make it again.

                                  • Salmam7

                                    Salmam7 4 months ago

                                    really good, cabbage was an excellent replacement

                                    • AmazingKale399303

                                      AmazingKale399303 5 months ago

                                      My entire family loved this recipe. My 3 granddaughters, ages 6; 7; 8, also loved the way this recipe came together!

                                      • Dahlia76

                                        Dahlia76 5 months ago

                                        Very good! My whole family loved it. Make sure you cook the cabbage a while.

                                        • tchr747

                                          tchr747 5 months ago

                                          Delicious and satisfying❣️😋

                                          • CANDACE Fern

                                            CANDACE Fern 5 months ago

                                            Love this recipe. So delicious 😋

                                            • jacksmum

                                              jacksmum 5 months ago

                                              Make this often and my family loves it

                                              • JFK0616

                                                JFK0616 5 months ago

                                                Delicious, will definitely be a new staple.

                                                • JJBanks

                                                  JJBanks 5 months ago

                                                  The whole family loved it!!!!

                                                  • Jojo

                                                    Jojo 5 months ago

                                                    Easy & delicious, even my kids love it. Definitely one for the books.

                                                    • shotgun4820cd

                                                      shotgun4820cd 5 months ago

                                                      So easy and delicious....