Low Carb Breakfast Fathead Pizza

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  • prep time

    prep time

    20 min

  • cook time

    cook time

    31 min

  • ready time

    ready time

    51 min

Low Carb Breakfast Fathead Pizza

This Keto Breakfast Pizza is prepared with a fathead dough and topped with some classic breakfast ingredients. This is a great option for weekend brunching when you fancy a change from the usual eggs and bacon! Perfect for sharing a slice with the family.

Keto Breakfast Pizza Ingredients

This breakfast pizza has a coconut flour fathead dough base, rich with cheese and a hint of onion. The Keto pizza base is part baked then layered with tomato sauce, cheddar cheese, tender mushrooms, juicy tomatoes, ground pork and aromatic oregano. The pizza is then finished in the oven to crisp the pork and melt the cheese.


This Keto pizza provides a great opportunity for you to get creative with your favourite breakfast ingredients. Why not add an egg, some diced bacon or sliced sausage? If you wish to change or add to your toppings, be sure to adjust your macros accordingly.

  • Net Carbs

    9.3 g

  • Fiber

    8.3 g

  • Total Carbs

    17.8 g

  • Protein

    40.4 g

  • Fats

    53.9 g

717 cals

Low Carb Breakfast Fathead Pizza

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  • Ground Pork

    Ground Pork

    7 ounce

  • Mushrooms


    3 medium

  • Raw Egg

    Raw Egg

    2 medium

  • Marinara Sauce

    Marinara Sauce

    2 tablespoon

  • Olive Oil

    Olive Oil

    1-½ tablespoon

  • Cream Cheese Spread

    Cream Cheese Spread

    2 tablespoon

  • Cheddar Cheese

    Cheddar Cheese

    1-¼ cup, grated

  • Salt, Sea Salt

    Salt, Sea Salt

    1 teaspoon

  • Unsalted Butter

    Unsalted Butter

    1 tablespoon

  • Parmesan Cheese

    Parmesan Cheese

    1 tablespoon, grated

  • Onion Powder

    Onion Powder

    1 teaspoon

  • Tomato


    1 small - 2 2/5" diameter

  • Oregano, Dried

    Oregano, Dried

    1 teaspoon

  • Coconut Flour

    Coconut Flour

    ¾ cup

  • Mozzarella Cheese

    Mozzarella Cheese

    ½ cup, grated

  • Cheddar Cheese

    Cheddar Cheese

    1-¼ cup, grated

  • Black Pepper

    Black Pepper

    ⅛ teaspoon

Recipe Steps

steps 6

51 min

  • Step 1

    Start by preparing your fathead dough base. Add the coconut flour, 3/4 cup of grated cheddar, the mozzarella, cream cheese, half a teaspoon of salt, black pepper, onion powder, butter and parmesan to a food processor. Blend well to combine until you have a chunky crumb consistency.
    Step 1
  • Step 2

    Crack the eggs into the food processor. Blend again until well combined and a dough forms in the food processor. The dough should be only slightly tacky and easy to mold.
    Step 2
  • Step 3

    Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Cut two large squares of baking paper. Turn the dough out onto one of the baking paper squares. Cover with the remaining sheet of paper and roll into a circle about 1/4 inch thick. The pizza base will be roughly the size of a dinner plate. You can use a plate as a template if you wish to score your dough circle.
    Step 3
  • Step 4

    Carefully lift the pizza base on the bottom sheet of paper onto a large shallow baking tray. Transfer to the oven. Bake for 10 minutes until lightly golden and starting to firm. Whilst the pizza base is cooking you can prepare your toppings. Heat a tablespoon of olive oil in a skillet over a medium heat. Add the ground pork and cook until well browned all over. Remove from the pan with a slotted spoon and set to one side.
    Step 4
  • Step 5

    After 10 minutes, remove the pizza base from the oven to add the toppings. Spoon the passata in an even layer over the pizza base and sprinkle over the remaining grated cheddar. Thinly slice the tomatoes and mushrooms and arrange over the pizza. Crumble over the ground pork. Season everything with a little salt and sprinkle over the oregano. Drizzle with the remaining olive oil.
    Step 5
  • Step 6

    Return the pizza to the oven. Cook for a further 12-15 minutes or until the pizza base is golden, the pork is crisp and the cheese is melted. Serve hot as is, or with a side salad.
    Step 6