Intermittent Fasting

Plan. Time. Fast.

Plan, schedule, and keep track of your fasting and eating windows with our suite of IF features, including a built-in fasting timer.

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Carb Manager

The Best Intermittent Fasting App on the Market

  • Done-For-You + Custom Plans

    Take the guesswork out of intermittent fasting when you choose from pre-set 16:8, Warrior Diet, or 24hr fasts.

  • Fasting Timer

    Quickly know if it’s time to fast or feast with our built-in fasting timer that counts down your fasting window so you don’t have to.

  • Easy Tracking

    Manage your fast alongside your macro tracking with easy Daily Log widgets and time-specific food logging.

  • Easy Intermittent Fasting Tracker

    Tap into the numerous health benefits of intermittent fasting with Carb Manager’s dedicated IF features. Choose a preset fasting program, or set custom fasts, with everything you need to track when you’re eating, right alongside what you’re eating.

    • Done-For-You Fasting Schedules

      Apply popular fasting programs like 16:8, OMAD, and more with a simple tap. These programs run every day during your chosen eating and fasting windows.

    • Customize Your Fast

      Set custom length fasting windows to run every day or selected days only, for 100% control over your personalized fasting schedule.

    • Simple Fasting Timer

      From Carb Manager’s Daily Log homepage, view the fasting timer that counts down your fasting window until it’s time to feast!

    Easy Intermittent Fasting Tracker
  • Fasting and Keto Combined

    Keto and intermittent fasting are the perfect match. Both ways of eating promote healthy weight, blood glucose and insulin regulation, and overall metabolic health. Combine these two powerhouse ways of eating and boost your results today 💥

    • Get Into Ketosis Faster

      Time-restricted eating like IF can help you burn through stored energy from carbohydrates, so you reach (and maintain) that holy grail fat-burning state of ketosis even quicker.

    • Continue Fasting Benefits While You Eat

      Just like fasting, a low-carb, high-fat diet keeps insulin and blood glucose levels in a healthy range. Easily lose weight and manage health conditions like type 2 diabetes when you combine Keto + IF.

    • Break Your Fast Gently

      Breaking your fast with high carb or low-quality food could easily undo the benefits of your fast. Access to CM Premium’s 50,000+ low-carb and Keto recipes means you’ll always have healthy options at your fingertips when it’s time to eat.

    Fasting and Keto Combined
  • Two Apps in One

    An industry-first, you can now save time (and money) when you use Carb Manager as your go-to macro tracker AND intermittent fasting tracker app.

    • Track Food & Fasting

      Manage everything from the Daily Log screen, with the fasting tracker widget alongside all your favorite convenient food, water, and exercise logging features.

    • Plan Ahead For Fasting & Feasting

      Schedule your fasting window, and what you’ll enjoy in your eating window with Carb Manager’s massive food database, access to 350,000+ recipes (50,000+ of which are low-carb and Keto.)

    • Optimize What & When You Eat

      Basic macro tracking doesn’t worry about when you eat, and many IF plans aren’t concerned with what you eat. With CM as your intermittent fasting and macro tracking app, combine the benefits of both for double the health & weight-loss results 🙌

    Two Apps in One
  • So Much More!

    As well as being the best low-carb, Keto macro tracking app Carb Manager is also home to an active community, robust analytics and insights to track your entire health journey, and much more.

    • Community Support & Guidance

      Pop into one of our intermittent fasting groups to chat about your results, best styles of fasting, or get some friendly motivation when hunger sets in.

    • Track Results With Body Measurements

      Even without a calorie deficit, IF has been shown to promote body recomposition. Log different body measurements alongside weight changes to track your progress.

    • Connect Health & Fitness Devices

      Measure your fasted cardio or ketone and glucose levels with automatic integrations to health and fitness devices like BIOSENSE, Keto-Mojo, Fitbit, Garmin, and more.

    Carb Manager