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Eat. Track. Succeed.

Whether you’re planning ahead or grabbing-to-go, our Food Tracker keeps you on track with your health and weight loss goals.

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Carb Manager

The Most Intuitive Free Food Tracker on the Market

  • Easy Tracking

    Simple to use, our food tracker is here to log what’s on your plate, not add another thing to it.

  • Futuristic

    Snap pics, scan barcodes, or say “hey Carb Manager” - keeping a food diary has never fit more seamlessly into your life.

  • Optimize Keto

    The easiest way to get Keto working for you is to know exactly how what you eat measures up with the health and weight loss goals you’ve set.

  • Intuitive and User Friendly

    Tracking your food is the most basic, and most important, feature of the Carb Manager app. We know you’re busy, so we designed our food tracker to fit seamlessly into your life - and your smartphone - so you get the health and weight-loss results you’re here for.

    • Easily Search + Track Foods

      The best way to hit your Keto goals is to always know what you’re eating. That’s why it’s so important that we provide you with the best, always free food diary app on the market.

    • Futuristic Food Logging 🤖

      Keeping a food diary doesn’t have to be a chore. In Carb Manager Premium, you can log your food by simply taking a picture of it. It's like living in the year 3000...beep boop!

    • Robust Database

      If you’re eating it, chances are you’ll find it already in our food tracker database. Just enter your food, choose the serving size, and let Carb Manager fit those macros to your goals.

    Intuitive and User Friendly
  • Easy and Quick Tracking

    You’re busy, and our food tracker respects that! We’ve added some cool features to help you log your meals as quickly as possible, so you can get back to enjoying them.

    • Barcode Scan

      Quickly scan the barcode of any food you eat, and instantly log it for the day.

    • Voice Logging

      Track your meal without getting lunch on your phone, just say “hey Carb Manager,” and tell it what you ate to easily track those macros.

    • Create Custom Meals

      Our Premium members get a huge time-saving boost by grouping foods regularly eaten together into a “custom meal,” for easy one-tap logging next time around.

    Easy and Quick Tracking
  • Stay On Track

    Unlike other diets that focus solely on “calories-in/calories-out," Keto is a macros-based diet that calls for specific carb, fat, and protein goals to get the best results. Keeping a food diary helps you stay accountable to these macros goals, and to stay on track for health and weight-loss success.

    • Easy Accountability

      If you’re tracking everything you eat, you’re less likely to “cheat” or accidentally eat something that doesn’t fit your macros and will throw you off track.

    • Plan Ahead

      If you’re the “plan ahead” type, our food tracker makes it easy to know what you’ll need to eat to hit your goals, so you can plan your meals accordingly. Premium members can plan meals days or weeks ahead.

    • Track On-The-Go

      If you’re a little more spontaneous, you can easily log your food as you go about your day, and see how you’re measuring up to the goals you’ve set.

    Stay On Track
  • So Much More!

    Carb Manager doesn’t just track what you eat, it can help you choose what to eat too. With our advanced features for Premium, you can add entire recipes or weekly meal plans to the food tracker, auto-generate shopping lists to match, and so much more.

    • Easily Add + Track Recipes

      You can easily add one of the recipes in our database to your food log for the day, or import recipes from elsewhere on the web with Premium features.

    • Easily Plan Ahead + Track

      Premium users can select one of our 7-Day Meal Plans, and track all their food for the week with a few quick taps. Auto-generate a shopping list to match, and become a time-saving Keto superhero!

    • Set Meal Times + Reminders

      With a variety of customizable features, you can set specific meal times (great for shift workers), and even set yourself reminders to eat and log your foods so you never miss a bite!

    So Much More!