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Everything you need to take the guesswork out of your Keto health journey so you hit those goals the fast, easy and delicious way.

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Carb Manager

The Most Advanced Keto Macros Tracker on the Market

  • Custom to You

    Everyone is unique, and Carb Manager is here to help you hit your specific Keto, health, and weight loss goals.

  • Intuitive

    Whether this is your first time tracking macros or you’re a seasoned pro, our macros tracker is easy to use and guides you through the process.

  • Accurate

    Never wonder if you’re “doing Keto right” with our accurate tracking, goal setting, and features like Smart Macros.

  • Intuitive and User Friendly

    Unlike other diets, Keto isn’t just about calories. You need to hit specific carb, fat, and protein goals to get the best results. Our intuitive, user-friendly macros tracker makes this a no-brainer for you whether you’re brand new to Keto or a seasoned pro.

    • Always Free Keto + Net Carb Tracking

      Most “free” macro tracking apps make you upgrade to Premium to set Keto macro goals or to track your net carbs, but with Carb Manager it’s always free.

    • Macro Goals Calculated For You

      No need to get out the calculator or read a book on how to track macros - just tell Carb Manager your height, current weight + goal weight and we calculate your daily calorie, carb, fat, and protein targets for you!

    • Accurate Macros

      With Carb Manager you’ll always know you’re getting the most out of your Keto diet with macros set for your specific health and weight loss goals, and adjusted for continued accuracy as you progress.

    Carb Manager
  • Easy and Quick Tracking

    You’re busy, and our macros tracker respects that! We’ve made it easier than ever to quickly keep track of everything you eat in a day so you hit those Keto goals!

    • Barcode Scan

      Quickly scan the barcode of any food you eat, and instantly log it for the day.

    • Visual “Snap” Feature

      Simply snap a pic of your plate, and our futuristic Snap feature will log everything in the image for you - kind of like living on The Jetsons! Unlimited daily Snap available only on Premium.

    • Voice Logging

      Track your meal without getting lunch on your phone. Just say “hey Carb Manager,” and tell it what you ate to easily track those macros.

    Carb Manager
  • Advanced Macro Tracking

    If you have custom goals, Carb Manager has the custom macro tracking features to match. Set goals for fasting, carb cycling, and more with our advanced features on Premium.

    • Detailed Macro and Micronutrient Tracking

      If you have specific goals that go beyond the basic calorie, carb, fat, and protein you can track that too! Track sugars, fiber, specific fats, cholesterol, vitamins + minerals, carbs for diabetes management, and more.

    • Different Goals For Different Days

      Maybe you do carb cycling, intermittent fasting, OMAD, or have a fully fasted day every week - with Premium you can set these specific goals so Carb Manager knows you’re not just skipping a day of tracking!

    • Smart Macros

      As you lose weight, you’ll need to adjust your macro goals to stay on track. With Premium, you can put away the calculator because Carb Manager makes those adjustments for you as you log a new current weight.

    Carb Manager
  • So Much More!

    The options with our macros tracker are almost endless. You can stick to one single plan, or you can use this feature to experiment and learn what macros work best for you on your Keto health journey, and the impact different dietary choices have on your health and well-being.

    • Set Macro Goals For Any Diet

      While Carb Manager is designed to be a Keto-first macro tracking app, we also have settings for other common diets, plus a “custom” macros feature to get really personal.

    • Deduct Macros When You Exercise

      Depending on your activity levels, you can tell Carb Manager to adjust your macros for the day when you log an exercise. Go for an extra walk? Have an extra snack and still hit your goals! 😋

    • Always Flexible

      You can always adjust your goals in Carb Manager, based on your needs and results. Experiment with how quickly you want to lose weight, gain insight into your current diet and health, and so much more.

    Carb Manager