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Blood sugar roller coasters can stop you in your tracks. Carb Manager helps you get back to enjoying your life.

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Carb Manager
  • Let’s Talk About It

    Managing or preventing, diabetes is not easy. Carb Manager is here to assist you on your journey, so you can spend more time living your life and less time managing your diabetes.

    Whether you have prediabetes, type 1, type 2, or gestational, each comes with unique struggles, and the hypervigilance required to manage it on a daily basis can feel exhausting (monitoring your diet and exercise, medications and insulin – it’s a lot!)

    Our goal is to take some of the stress off of your shoulders, and help you thrive with diabetes on a low-carb lifestyle. Carb Manager is packed with features to help you stabilize your blood sugar levels, feel great, and get back to enjoying your life.

  • Why low-carb?

    Studies show that a low-carb or Keto diet for diabetics may improve A1C levels, blood sugar control, insulin resistance, and facilitate weight loss.*

    • A low-carb meal requires less insulin to achieve stable blood sugar levels vs the spikes and crashes involved in a higher-carb meal.

    • Our users report peace of mind when managing blood sugar levels compared to before they made the switch to Carb Manager.

    • You deserve less time stressing over your blood sugar and more time enjoying your life – and your meals!

Features That Fast Track Your Blood Sugar Goals

Our Premium features are even sweeter

Carb Manager
  • Quick And Easy Carb Counting And Logging

    The days of guessing your carbs are over! With our food database, you’ll have accurate carb counts to make your health decisions. Log your carbs and diabetes measurements to assure your success.

    • Track Carbs Your Way

      Easily keep track of your carbs by tracking net carbs, or carb counts based on the ADA and UCSF recommendations for people with diabetes.

    • We Made It Simple For You

      Does “This looks like 15 carbs-ish” sound familiar to you? We know tracking carbs can be time consuming! Now you can easily scan your food item, snap a pic of your plate, or search our extensive database to tell us what you’re eating, for fast nutrition facts.

    • Log Blood Sugar Levels, A1C, And Insulin Doses

      Simply log your levels in the app. Then, easily distinguish any trends to help you make adjustments for your success. We love seeing you hit those A1C goals!

    Carb Manager
  • Track Your Progress

    We are more than a free carb counting app. Track and watch all your health goals come to life.

    • You’re Looking Good!

      Log your body measurements, so you can see your fantastic progress. It can be hard to notice the changes in yourself until you look back at how far you’ve come. Track measurements, add pictures, and celebrate all your wins!

    • Ketosis Not Ketoacidosis!

      Monitor your ketones with our Keto Mojo and Biosense® integrations. Carb Manager will import ketone and blood sugar readings directly from these devices.

    • Share With Your Medical Team

      You’re busy! Lugging around a log book to scribble in blood sugars and carbs is a thing of the past. Easily log on your phone, then share records with your doctors at your convenience. They’ll love to see your progress!

    Carb Manager
  • Let’s Get Motivated

    We are in this together! Sticking to a healthy lifestyle can feel foreign to others that aren’t at the same point in their health journey as you. Find a community that GETS you. Celebrate each other's successes and stay inspired.

    • Our Community ROCKS

      The Carb Manager community is unmatched. Join our tens of thousands of active users on our forums. Join groups based on your interests and needs and you’ll instantly be surrounded with supporters. Ask questions, answer questions, Join a Keto diabetic group, and become a Keto expert!

    • Support Your Friends

      Join in on each other’s journey! Support each other’s wins by viewing their progress and replying to their feed. Nothing motivates more than a friend’s support.

    • Your Goals, In Reach

      There's NOTHING like reaching your fitness and nutrition goals. Easily keep track of goals, add new ones, and crush them. Diabetes management can be a challenge. Turn the frustration into obtainable goals!

    Carb Manager
  • Stay Inspired

    Enjoy our latest recipes, exercise tutorials, course materials and more. Fitness and nutrition is constantly updating and so are we.

    • Exercise Portal

      View our exercise tutorials, and track your daily workouts. (Even see how much of a workout cleaning your house is!) Exercise may have many benefits for people living with diabetes, and studies have shown it to help decrease A1C levels and increase insulin sensitivity.* We help you stay active.

    • Keto Academy Course

      Learn everything you need to know about Keto and low-carb lifestyles, from professionals. If managing diabetes with a low carb diet and lifestyle is for you, this is the perfect place to get started.

    • Recipe Database And Meal Plans

      Enjoy 5,000+ Premium low-carb, whole food recipes crafted by our recipe team. Our meal planner tools provide the perfect weekly plans based on your specific macros and goals, with weekly grocery shopping lists. Blood sugar management is WAY easier when you know exactly what you are eating, with the macros provided.

    Carb Manager
Dr. Kevin R. Gendreau
Expert Reviewed

Dr. Kevin R. Gendreau

Scientific Reviewer

“People living with diabetes are most likely to benefit from lifestyle changes that address their metabolic health. A low carbohydrate diet improves insulin resistance and ensures better glycemic control with fewer spikes in blood sugar. As a practicing board-certified obesity medicine physician, I recommend a reduced carbohydrate diet to all of my patients with diabetes.”

Always work with your doctor or medical team before making any adjustments to your diet and lifestyle to manage a health condition.

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