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Posted 2 months ago

Carb Manager Staff

Carb Manager Staff

We're excited to share some fantastic news about how we're enhancing your journey to better health and wellness. At Carb Manager, we understand that achieving your health goals is not just about tracking macros; it's also about building a supportive community that keeps you motivated and accountable.

Introducing our Community Leaders

The Carb Manager Community Leaders are passionate individuals committed to fostering a positive and encouraging environment. These leaders are here to share their experiences, insights, and provide the support you need on your health and fitness journey. 

What can you expect from our Community Leaders?

Accountability: Your health goals matter, and having a supportive community can make all the difference. Our Community Leaders will inspire you to stay on track and celebrate your successes.

Genuine Connections: Connect with like-minded individuals who understand your challenges and victories. Our leaders are here to create a space where you feel heard and supported.

Guidance: Our leaders bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. From tips on meal planning to workout routines, they're here to guide you on your path to success.

But wait, there’s more! 

We’re thrilled to introduce our Official Carb Manager Facebook group – a central hub for our community. Join this exclusive group to interact with our Community Leaders, connect with fellow Carb Manager enthusiasts, and be part of a dynamic community committed to achieving health and wellness goals.

Join our official Facebook group now!

We can’t wait to welcome you to our thriving community dedicated to supporting each other on the journey to better health. Remember, accountability is key, and having buddies on this journey makes it all the more enjoyable.

So let’s stay inspired, stay accountable, and crush those health goals together!

Comments 17

  • moniqueroseanne379e

    moniqueroseanne379e 2 days ago

    Starting intermittent fasting March first 👍

    • SpectacularKetone469786

      SpectacularKetone469786 17 days ago

      Today we started a new Carb Challenge. Why do some people have over 130 points? Different time zone?

      • IneffableAvocado303218

        IneffableAvocado303218 23 days ago

        This app is not user friendly. Someone help

        • OutstandingKetone939355

          OutstandingKetone939355 a month ago

          Hi.... After 3.5 months keto diet I lost 10.5 kg and I have left only 1 more. I am planing to move from keto diet to Los carb. How many grams of carb should be taken on low carb diet

          • UnbelievableKale470672

            UnbelievableKale470672 23 days ago

            This app has a "net carb" plan that is l9w carb and allows 50g per day.

        • BlithesomeKetone554829

          BlithesomeKetone554829 a month ago

          Looking to be healthier!

          • SpectacularKetone469786

            SpectacularKetone469786 17 days ago

            Me too!

        • pamjamas

          pamjamas a month ago

          I cannot open the app on my iPhone. This started a few days ago. I have tried to update the app and rebooted my phone without success. I am able to use carb manager on my ipad

          • MommaBee

            MommaBee a month ago

            I bought the 1 year subscription but my app says I have 18 days left. Did I miss something?

            • LAW345

              LAW345 a month ago

              I can not open my app open on my iPhone. I am 6 days new. I have turned off my phone several times. Can you tell me how to get back in so and can log in my food.

              • kathyyax52ea

                kathyyax52ea 2 months ago

                Why does my custom dates for Weight change every time I look. It used to lock the starting date I choose. It changes everytime I look. Hate that!!!!! FIX IT. Subscriber for 6 years.

                • FavorableArugula790881

                  FavorableArugula790881 2 months ago

                  I have an old free account but I want to start over and purchase the full ap. How do I do that?

                  • FantasticAvocado567115

                    FantasticAvocado567115 2 months ago

                    Looking forward to these challenges. I like to plan my meals for the week on a weekend before. When is the challenge announced?

                    • SpectacularKetone469786

                      SpectacularKetone469786 17 days ago

                      Started today.

                  • bbmusic

                    bbmusic 2 months ago

                    Just finished my 3rd day of my squeaky clean keto. Feel very tired today but guess that’s just detox. I’m not eating as much fat as is recommended, but I’m just not hungry.

                    • FantasticCauliflower767576

                      FantasticCauliflower767576 2 months ago

                      I am looking for becoming a healthy senior

                      • Fady

                        Fady 2 months ago

                        Their is a problem with adding fod to the daily list It always say the items is deleted