Keto Meal Delivery: A Carb Manager Guide to The Best Keto Meal Kits
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Keto Meal Delivery: A Carb Manager Guide to The Best Keto Meal Kits

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Keto Meal Delivery: A Carb Manager Guide to The Best Keto Meal Kits

Posted 4 months ago

Brian Stanton

Brian Stanton


You're busy. Often too busy to cook. But you still want the benefits—both bodily and gustatory—of eating a whole foods Keto diet. 

That's where Keto meal delivery comes in. With a few online clicks, you can have fully prepared low-carb meals delivered to your doorstep. 

Which Keto meal kit delivery service should you choose? That's the question this article will help you answer. 

We researched and sampled the top brands to help you confidently navigate this space. Eating tasty food is arduous work, but we buckled down and got it done!

Read on to learn our winners for low-carb, value, and flavor. Fair warning: you might get hungry. 

What Makes a Good Keto Meal?

The Keto diet has one main rule: keep carbs low. Keeping carbs low (under 10% of daily calories) gets your body burning fat, producing ketones, and benefiting from ketosis

Any good Keto meal must follow this rule. For example, meals with over 20-25 grams of net carbohydrates aren't ideal for Keto. (Note: net carbs = total carbs - fiber - sugar alcohols.)

There are other criteria too. When choosing a Keto meal kit, you'll want to consider:

How it tastes

  • The protein content
  • The price
  • The ease of buying experience
  • If the meals are packaged appropriately to stay fresh
  • The quality and sourcing of the ingredients
  • The refund policy
  • The sustainability of the packaging
  • How nice the meals look (would you feel comfortable serving them to a guest?)
  • The shelf life (can you freeze them?)
  • And other factors 

To keep things simple, we explored just three criteria: low-carb orientation, value, and flavor. (Though we'll mention the others tangentially.) Let's see which meal kits made the cut.  

Best Keto Meal Kit for Low-Carb: Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen delivers gourmet meals (including Keto meals) that you can prepare in three minutes. 

If they deliver to your zip code, you select from one of two plans:

  1. 6 meals per week ($13.84 per meal)
  2. 12 meals per week ($11.34 per meal)

Then you choose your desired meals, order them, and wait for the comestibles to arrive with cold packs. You can freeze them if you like to extend their shelf life. 

Why We Like It

We relished the herb butter steak, but what stood out was the breadth of low-carb options at Snap Kitchen. Snap offers about a dozen very low-carb meals and a dozen more with just over 20 grams of carbs. 

So bottom line: you'll find Keto options at Snap Kitchen. 

Meals We Sampled:

  • Herb butter steak with bacon roasted brussels sprouts (470 calories, 19 grams net carbs)
  • Herb chicken with Mediterranean sauce and green beans (330 calories, 10 grams net carbs)
  • Herb-crusted salmon with roasted broccoli and feta (410 calories, 10 grams net carbs)

Runners Up

These meal kit delivery companies also offer a wide range of Keto-friendly fare:

  • Factor 75. Enjoy a multitude of keto dishes averaging 10 net carbs per meal. (Cost per meal: $11 to $15)
  • Green Chef. This USDA organic-certified brand offers plenty of low-carb fare. (Cost per meal: $12 to $14)
  • The Good Kitchen. Keto meals from farm to table in under five minutes? Yes please. (Cost per meal: $11.50 to $15) 
  • Top Chef Meals. Great value and locally-sourced ingredients make Top Chef a top choice. (Cost per meal: $8.95 to $10.95) 

Best Keto Meal for Healthy Ingredients: Fresh N Lean

If you like grass-fed meat, organic produce, whole food spices, and absolutely nothing fake in your delicious chef-prepared meals, Fresh N Lean is for you. It’s like having farm-to-table takeout delivered directly to your doorstep. 

But it’s much more affordable than a chic organic joint with vines hanging off the ceiling. Ordered weekly, Fresh N Lean charges just $10.66 per entree for Keto meals. (Plus, they take $20 off your first order!)

Fresh N Lean offers dozens of mouthwatering options. Among 17 Keto-friendly choices, you’ll find spinach artichoke chicken casserole, shrimp with roasted cauliflower, Mediterranean salmon, mushroom frittata (our samplers snapped this one up), and many others. 

Why We Like It

We loved Fresh N Lean’s commitment to safe, organic, whole-food ingredients. When you shop this brand, you can feel confident you’re treating your body beautifully. 

Fresh N Lean meals are:

  • FSMA compliant (to ensure your food is free of contamination)
  • USDA inspected and certified (to ensure freshness and organic status)
  • Free of GMOs, gluten, and artificial preservatives

Top-tier ingredients also make your breakfast, lunch, and dinner taste better. What a revelation!

Meals We Sampled:

  • Mushroom frittata with ground beef (430 calories, 6 grams net carbs)
  • Chili beef and eggs (460 calories, 6 grams net carbs)

Runners Up

Here are some other Keto meal brands with top-shelf ingredients:  

  • The Good Kitchen. Farm-fresh ingredients are the focus here. (Average cost per meal: $11.50 to $15) 
  • Sunbasket. You can’t go wrong with organic ingredients and ethical meats. (Cost per meal: $9.99 to $17.99) 
  • Green Chef. Organic ingredients mean better taste and peace of mind. (Average cost per meal: $12 to $14)

Best Value Keto Meal Kit: Top Chef Meals

If you're cutting costs, Top Chef Meals is for you. Delicious Keto meals—baby back ribs, sausage and red pepper frittata, seared salmon, and more—start at only $8.95!

You can go a la carte or select weekly packages. We enjoyed this optionality.

Why We Like It

There's a lot we liked about Top Chef Meals. We were big fans of:

The affordable pricing (obviously)

  • The impressive Keto selection
  • The packaging (attractive containers are also BPA-free)
  • The locally-sourced ingredients
  • The nationwide delivery

We also loved the meals we sampled. 

Meals We Sampled:

  • Grilled chicken with a portobello mushroom sauce with ratatouille (288 calories, 11 grams net carbs)
  • Seared paleo salmon with California blend (423 calories, 7 grams net carbs)
  • Roasted turkey breast with cabbage (299 calories, 12 grams net carbs)

Runners Up

Here are some other high-value Keto meal delivery brands: 

  • Clean Eatz Kitchen. Not a ton of variety—plus you have to buy 30 meals for the lowest rate—but you can't beat the price. (Cost per meal: $6 to $8)
  • FreshlyFit. We wish they had a dedicated Keto section, but many meals are sufficiently low-carb to qualify. (Cost per meal: $9 to $12)
  • Performance Kitchen. Enough keto meals to spice things up without emptying your wallet. (Cost per meal: $8.99)
  • HelloFresh. The "Carb Smart" options aren't always Keto, but the price will make you smile. (Cost per meal: $7.99 to $11.99)

Best Flavor Keto Meal: Trifecta Nutrition

Trifecta Nutrition is all about the ingredients. The brand oozes devotion to organic produce, sustainably caught seafood, grass-fed meats, and humanely-raised proteins. 

Surprise, surprise: better ingredients means better taste. We thought so, anyway. 

Trifecta isn't cheap at around $16 per meal for seven meals per week. But if you have the budget, your taste buds will appreciate it. 

Why We Like It

Flavor was just the beginning of our love affair with Trifecta. If we had a sustainability category, they might win that too. 

No other brand we reviewed was more strongly ethical food sourcing and packaging. So if you care about the planet, Trifecta could be your winner. 

Beyond ingredients, Trifecta offers benefits like:

  • Free access to nutrition coaches
  • An iron-clad money-back guarantee
  • Shipping to all 50 states

Ready to see which meals we savored?

Meals We Sampled:

  • Pesto turkey meatball and veggie bowl (390 calories, 16 grams net carbs)
  • Kung Pao chicken with broccoli and sweet potato (470 calories, 24 grams net carbs)
  • Beef patty with spinach and marinara sauce (400 calories, 24 grams net carbs)

Runners Up

In the taste category, these meal kits brands are also worth sampling:

  • Keto-Carb30 Diet-To-Go. The brand name is a mouthful, but you'll enjoy the mouthfeel of their scrambled eggs ranchero and beef casserole. (Cost per meal: $10.45 to $14.79) 
  • Sunbasket. Organic ingredients and ethical meats equal a happy palate. (Cost per meal: $9.99 to $17.99) 
  • The Good Kitchen. You can't fake the flavor of farm-fresh ingredients. (Average cost per meal: $11.50 to $15) 
  • Green Chef. Most of the ingredients are organic. You'll taste the difference. (Average cost per meal: $12 to $14)

Enjoy Your Keto Meals

No time to cook? No problem. Just have gourmet Keto meals delivered to your domicile. 

It's like having a professional chef on call. But unlike a professional chef, your meal kit delivery will never take a week in Aruba while you eat protein bars for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

No. Shopping with Snap Kitchen, Top Chef, Trifecta, and the other brands we reviewed means you'll never be without delicious low-carb meals again. 

There's only one thing left to do. Enjoy them.