Keto Snacks: A Carb Manager Guide to the Best Products, Boxes and Bundles
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Keto Snacks: A Carb Manager Guide to the Best Products, Boxes and Bundles

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Keto Snacks: A Carb Manager Guide to the Best Products, Boxes and Bundles

Posted a year ago

Brian Stanton

Brian Stanton


On the prowl for the world’s best Keto snacks? You’ve come to the right place. 

We already did the leg work for you. We tried, tested, and analyzed dozens of products to assemble this list of Keto-friendly snacks

Being a Keto snack tester is a hard job, but someone has to do it!

Stick around for five minutes to learn our top Keto snack box, top Keto cereal, top Keto snack bar, and more. Your taste buds will thank you. 

What Makes a Good Keto Snack?

A Keto snack, before all else, must be low in carbohydrates. Keeping carbs low (the number one rule of the Keto diet) is necessary to promote the fat-burning state called ketosis

A good rule of thumb? If one serving exceeds 5 grams of net carbs, it’s not a Keto-friendly snack. 

It’s crucial to look at net carbs, not total carbs. Total carbs include fiber and sugar alcohols, but neither of these carbohydrates raises your blood sugar enough to kick you out of ketosis. That’s why the net carbs metric subtracts them. 

Beyond carbs, look at ingredient quality. You want products that:

  • Don’t use artificial ingredients, preservatives, or fillers
  • Don’t contain vegetable oils
  • Don’t contain gluten, soy, or (if you’re lactose intolerant) lactose

Another simple guideline: fewer ingredients are generally better. 

Okay, let’s get to those tasty low-carb treats now. 

Best Keto Subscription Box: KetoKrate

When you sign up with KetoKrate, you receive 10-14 unique Keto snacks every month. It’s the perfect snack box for the adventurous low-carb spirit. 

Here’s a sampling of what we found in our box:

  • A beef bar by Mission Meats
  • Vanilla wafers by Highkey snacks
  • Cheddar flavored snack puffs by Hilo Life
  • A hot fudge sundae flavored pastry by Legendary Foods
  • And seven other Keto-friendly surprises

Why We Like It 

We like that KetoKrate only includes snacks with fewer than 5 grams net carbs per serving. We also like their commitment to ingredient transparency. (All products are gluten, maltitol, and aspartame-free, for instance.)

But the best part is the element of surprise. Each box is virtually guaranteed to contain a low-carb snack you’ve never tried. (Quick caveat: if you have food intolerances or allergies to common ingredients other than carbs, KetoKrate might not be the best option for you.)

Cost: Typically $39.99 per month, but Carb Manager users currently receive $10 off their first krate!

Keto Krate

Keto Krate

Control cravings and stay committed with the best tasting Keto-friendly snacks delivered monthly.

from Keto Krate

Best Keto Snack Bar: Perfect Keto Nola Bar

Have your granola and eat it too with the Perfect Keto Nola Bar. Grain-free, chewy, and with just 1-3 grams of net carbs per bar, the Nola Bar is the ideal Keto snack for your on-the-go lifestyle

The Nola Bar comes in four flavors: white chocolate macadamia, maple pecan, coconut chocolate chip, and peanut butter. We tried the white chocolate macadamia. The box went fast. 

Why We Like It

Unlike traditional granola bars, the Nola Bar contains no oats, gluten, or added sugar. Nonetheless, the taste and texture were just like the granola bars we loved as kids. 

We were also impressed by Perfect Keto’s mission to fight the broken food system. Their clean ingredients speak for themselves. (Quick mention: we also tried Perfect Keto MCT Chocolate Oil Powder and found this highly ketogenic snack to blend deliciously in water.)

Cost: $24.99 for a box of 8 Nola Bars

$40.99 for a 13.4 oz jar of MCT Oil Powder

Carb Manager users receive 20% off by using the code CARBMANAGER at checkout!

Perfect Keto Nola Bars

Perfect Keto Nola Bars

Chewy, grain-free, keto-friendly granola-style bars that taste just like the ones you loved as a kid. Only 1-3g net carbs per bar.

From Perfect Keto

Best Keto Cereal: Catalina Crunch

Going Keto used to mean giving up cereal. Catalina Crunch has changed that.

Now you can enjoy crunchy, delicious cereals in cinnamon toast, fruity, chocolate, and honey graham flavors without the carbs. It’s like being a kid again, minus the hit of sugar. 

Why We Like It

There’s a lot to like about Catalina Crunch. For starters: we liked the crunch, the taste, the macros (high in protein, low in carbs), the clean ingredients, and the satiation factor. 

It’s also the perfect alternative to sugary cereals. You’ll feel good serving it to your kids, and they’ll crave it just the same. 

Cost:  $9.75 for a 9-ounce pack of cereal

Honorable mention: Perfect Keto Cinnamon Cereal with collagen and MCTs ($12.99 for an 8-ounce bag)

Catalina Crunch

Catalina Crunch

Deliciously crunchy Keto cereal in craveworthy flavors like Cinnamon Toast and Dark Chocolate.

Per 4-pack

Best Keto Snacks for a Sweet Tooth: Kiss My Keto 

With their wide selection of Keto sweet treats, Kiss My Keto makes breaking up with carbs easy. From gummies to cookies, brownies to dark chocolate, and everything in between, your sweet tooth won’t be disappointed. 

Why We Like It

All Kiss My Keto products contain zero added sugar, zero artificial ingredients, and a minimal dose of net carbs. Here are two products we loved:

  1. Kiss My Keto watermelon slices. If you haven’t tried these low-carb gummies yet, you’re missing out. Perfect for Netflix and chill sessions. 
  2. Kiss My Keto dark chocolate. Can you say guilt-free indulgence?

Watermelon slices: $22.49 for 6 x 1.76 ounce bags

Dark Chocolate: $19.99 for 4 x 3 ounce bars

Kiss My Keto, if you’re reading this, please send more samples!

Kiss My Keto

Kiss My Keto

Low-carb and healthy Keto snacks to buy with the power of MCTs.

and upwards

Best Keto Spreads: ChocZero

ChocZero doesn’t just produce celebration-worthy zero sugar chocolate. They also make Keto spreads, syrups, and jams that bring tremendous versatility to your low-carb pantry. 

Why We Like It

Zero added sugar. Ethically-sourced ingredients. Dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free. Rich, creamy, and sweet flavor profiles. These are a few of our favorite things about ChocZero. 

We sampled the ChocZero:

Our favorite was the buttery, speculoos-flavored Keto cookie spread. Be careful with this stuff!

Cost: Prices start at $7.49



Keto-friendly syrups and spreads - perfect for topping your low-carb breakfast chaffles, ice cream sundaes and mug cakes.

from ChocZero

Enjoy Your Keto Treats

Now that you’ve learned the best Keto snacks, it’s time to take action. Pick one or more snacks, perform the sacred tasting ritual, and leave a comment with your reaction. 

We know it’s hard work to try delicious foods, but we believe you’re up to the task. Good luck, and enjoy. 

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. Carb Manager may earn a commission for qualifying purchases made through these links. Product prices accurate at the time of publishing.

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  • RousingRadish777172

    RousingRadish777172 4 months ago

    Oh I’d LOVE some of these but…wait, no way…I’m in the UK!!! Useless.

    • MarvellousKetone230512

      MarvellousKetone230512 a year ago

      ChocZero Jam messed w/ my Glucose

      • Magoogan

        Magoogan a year ago

        I love the ChocZero milk chocolate and hazelnut bark.... It is delicious!

        • FantasticArugula485871

          FantasticArugula485871 a year ago

          I would want to see a COMPLETE LIST of all the ingredients in these products.

          • RogueKale

            RogueKale a year ago

            A good place to check whether something is truly keto is a website someone shared with me a while back as well it tells you why it isn’t keto.

            • UpbeatRadish228798

              UpbeatRadish228798 a year ago

              Do any if these items contain maltrodextrin?

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                OutstandingKetone748889 a year ago

                How do I share -to myself- this article for future reference?

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                  josie0695 a year ago

                  I highlighted a word in the article, tapped Select All, then tapped Share and shared to my email account. This method required scrolling a LONG distance into the email text to find the body of the article itself, then backspace over all that lengthy text to get rid of it before hitting the Send button. Cumbersome but it worked. Probably easier to manually highlight just the article text and Share that. Hope this helps- good luck!

              • CapstoneKid

                CapstoneKid a year ago

                What's the best site to buy keto prepackaged meals?

                • Backatit2020

                  Backatit2020 a year ago

                  I have been loving FActor75

                • FortuitousAvocado477707

                  FortuitousAvocado477707 a year ago

                  Thrive market

              • MirthfulArugula600849

                MirthfulArugula600849 a year ago

                What are they all sweetened with? I am allergic to stevia

                • Sunbeamer60

                  Sunbeamer60 a year ago

                  I am too! I have to be very careful what I eat in keto.

                • OutstandingKetone781985

                  OutstandingKetone781985 a year ago

                  A lot of them have Monk fruit extract KETO CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT SPREAD Does.