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A Crash Course in Carb Manager

Posted 2 years ago

Carb Manager Staff

Carb Manager Staff

Welcome to the Carb Manager family 🥳

If you’re here, it means you have a health, wellness, or weight loss goal and you’ve downloaded Carb Manager to help you get there. First of all, congrats on taking action towards your goal!

The fact that you’re here means that you care enough about your own health and wellness to actually do something about it! We’re honored that you chose Carb Manager to be a part of your journey, and we’re here to support you along the way.

Below you’ll find a quick crash course in the most important things you need to know about Carb Manager to get the most out of it without any fuss.

We want to help you get up and running ASAP, because the real “secret to success” is creating new, healthy daily habits that support your goals, like eating healthy meals that fit your macros. 

The sooner you do this, the sooner you’ll begin making progress. Our data from 10M+ users shows that those who complete a full day of food logging in the first day after sign up get 3.6x the results of those who don’t make daily logging a priority 🏆

So get started today and start making progress towards those goals! Read on to get all the Carb Manager pro-tips you need to make it easy on yourself 🙌

Here’s how to set your goal and get started

✅ Set your macro goal with the Getting Started Wizard

Log your first foods by clicking on the big green “+” button, and the avocado icon 🥑

✅ Stay hydrated and log your daily water consumption using the green “+” button or under “Water” on the Daily Log.

✅ Log your workouts and steps under “Exercise” on the Daily Log or via the “+” button (Premium members can sync a fitness device to automatically import health + fitness data.) 

✅ If you’re here for Keto, watch the first Keto Academy lesson Keto For Total Beginners and read How to Track Macros on Keto for a crash course in what macros even are and why you should care!

✅ Tap “I’m Done Logging Today” at the end of your day (if you met your goals you’ll get a little surprise 🥳)

Here’s everything you can do with Carb Manager to make your goals feel easy

Log weight and other measurements to track your progress

Keeping track of your progress can be highly motivating. Need a quick win or bit of inspiration to keep going when it feels tough? Look back on how far you’ve come to remember you can keep going. Start tracking your progress today, you’ll be glad you did next week, month, or year!

✅ From anywhere in the app, all users can log weight by tapping the “+” button and selecting “Weight.” 

Premium members can log measurements for blood glucose, ketones, insulin, and many other metrics on the Goals page, by tapping “+ Add New Measurement.

Track exercise and connect health + fitness devices for all-in-one lifestyle tracking

✅ All users can easily log exercises via the Daily Log by tapping the “+” button and selecting “Exercise” or “+ Add Exercise” in the Daily Workout section.

Premium members can save time by connecting health and fitness devices (Apple Health, Google Fit, Garmin, FitBit, BIOSENSE©, and more) via Settings > App Settings > Health & Fitness Device Links. Automatically import daily steps, workouts, and more data via these links 💪

Stay accountable when you join the Carb Manager Challenge

Engage with the Carb Manager community for accountability when you join a monthly challenge. Every day you’ll collect points for staying within your macro goals, as well as other set goals like daily steps, exercise, sleep hours, and more. Compete with the community and stay healthy together!

✅ Join the 28-day Carb Manager Challenge at any time under Connect > Challenges for extra incentive to achieve your daily goals.

✅ A new challenge begins every Monday, running for 28 days, so you can join when it fits your schedule.

Connect with the CM community, and share with friends & family in-app

You don’t have to go it alone with your health and lifestyle when you’ve got Carb Manager in your pocket. Whether you’re looking to make some new friends who share your passion for Keto, crowdsource some pro-tips from someone more experienced, or share custom recipes with friends and family — our community features have got you covered!

✅ Chat with other CM users in the Groups, found under Connect > Groups. Find a Group aligned with your goals, and introduce yourself today 👋

✅ Under Connect > Profile you can find and add friends, follow each other’s progress, and easily share your Daily Log or even a custom recipe!

Stay up to date with cutting-edge Keto and low-carb lifestyle info

Have questions about Keto or low-carb topics? We’ve got you covered with articles on everything from the basics like what to eat and avoid, to more “advanced” topics like Keto for women, choosing the best type of intermittent fast, tips for making successful lifestyle changes, and more. 

✅ Every week we add new content under Connect > Articles.

✅ If you’re just getting started, make sure to browse the Keto for Beginners series.

✅ Find in-depth info on topics like intermittent fasting, the benefits of Keto for different health conditions, hacks to make a Keto lifestyle easy to manage, and more.

All your Keto questions answered in the Keto Academy

Premium members can get all their Keto questions answered inside the Keto Academy video course, with over 40 videos on topics from setting up your Keto pantry, understanding macros, deep dives on the benefits of Keto beyond weight loss (there are tons!), how to carb cycle with success — and so much more.

✅ The first lesson, Keto for Total Beginners is available to all users and we recommend starting here if you’re new to Keto, or want a refresher on how and why it works for efficient and lasting fat loss!

Save time with Meal Plans 

Changing up the way you eat doesn’t have to be complicated. Many of our users regularly credit weekly meal planning as the number one thing that keeps them on track to their goals from week to week. When you know what to eat (and have the pantry well-stocked!) you’re less likely to go rogue or fall back into old habits.

Carb Manager offers three different types of meal plans, depending on how much customization you prefer:

✅ Choose a curated, done-for-you meal plan under Meals > Meal Plans when you’d like us to do all the heavy lifting. Select from dozens of Keto plans, plus low-carb, intermittent  fasting-supportive plans, carb cycling, plant-based, and more being added regularly.

Generate your own plan under Meals > Meal Planner, where you can select dietary preferences, food intolerances, and more preferences.

✅ Create a 100% custom meal plan, including custom recipes and meals, Carb Manager recipes, and many other details.

Never wonder what’s for dinner with 5,000+ Premium recipes

Your days of Googling ingredients in your fridge + “Keto recipe” and sifting through bloggers’ life stories to find the actual recipe are over 😅

✅ Under Meals > Recipes you’ll find an ever-growing database of 5,000+ recipes created in our Carb Manager test kitchens by professional chefs.

✅ Find Keto and low-carb versions of old favorites, take-out swaps to fill any craving, sweet treats and easy fat-bombs to help you hit your macros, a variety of international cuisines, and so much more.

✅ With new recipes added weekly, you’ll never go hungry or bored again!

Track your intermittent fast with CM

If intermittent fasting is part of your health and wellness plan, we’ve got you covered there too. Carb Manager Premium members can choose from pre-set popular fasting programs, or set custom fasts.

Set your fasting program under Settings > Goal Settings > Intermittent Fasting.

✅ View your daily fasting and eating window timer at the top of the Daily Log page when a fast has been set.

View and analyze fasting habits and stats over time under Goals > Progress.

Further Resources

By now you should be set up with the basics for success with Carb Manager. If you have additional questions about how to get the most out of Carb Manager, you can always:

✅ Visit our comprehensive knowledge base

✅ Check out our growing library of tutorial videos on YouTube.

✅ Contact our friendly and knowledgeable Support team in-app under Settings > Help & Support if you encounter an issue you can’t resolve with one of the above resources.

Now go forth, and make sure you begin logging food today! Remember, users who log a full day of eating on sign-up typically see 3.6x the results 🏆(and studies have shown that keeping a daily food log can double weight loss efforts!)

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  • StupendousKetone281150

    StupendousKetone281150 3 months ago

    How do I erase all of the foods on my log?

    • LuluBH

      LuluBH 5 months ago

      This is awesome information! Thank you! I look forward to logging everything and seeing my progress!

      • UpbeatKetone679559

        UpbeatKetone679559 6 months ago

        What does Keto grade limit mean? Does it mean I can’t have it at all?

        • SplendidKale809438

          SplendidKale809438 10 months ago

          How can I create a meal that I eat often (say breakfast- eggs w heavy cream bacon, avocado) I don’t have to add items individually?

          • JessicaAnderson79

            JessicaAnderson79 10 months ago

            I have a Samsung Galaxy 5, are there plans to offer this as a supported device?

            • KarnivoreKate76

              KarnivoreKate76 10 months ago

              Would love to know the answer. I just got one as well

          • BlithesomeMacadamia295776

            BlithesomeMacadamia295776 a year ago

            I'm not into the keto so much yet but I'm logging in my food and realizing what it's all about very interesting I'm into losing carbs most of all because you can't even have a tangerine without it being a bad carb still learning there has got to be other fruits low in carbs right. I'll keep trying and logging everyday that is the key and very helpful for sure.

            • MarvellousArugula361067

              MarvellousArugula361067 a year ago

              This app advertised as free. I was only allowed to put five items in per day before they wanted me to pay for premium. Because of this deception, I will not be using this program, no matter how good it is.

              • FantasticKale966617

                FantasticKale966617 a year ago

                I want to stay with low carb

                • RemarkableAvocado881257

                  RemarkableAvocado881257 a year ago

                  I just barely signed up for the premium membership. I am looking for a barcode scanner for processed products. Where can I find this in the app? Thank you!

                  • BamaMama (Tina)

                    BamaMama (Tina) a year ago

                    Tried to plan meals last night for today but when I logged them today, it showed that I had consumed them last night and messed up my IF counter. Any way to change the time of your meals?

                    • MirthfulRadish366391

                      MirthfulRadish366391 a year ago

                      Go to advanced setting on page and it will have the date-you can change that and save

                  • ExcellentCauliflower410717

                    ExcellentCauliflower410717 2 years ago

                    How can I customize a recipe?

                    • AnnnaHA

                      AnnnaHA a year ago

                      Save a copy of the recipe to your "Custom Foods" edit the recipe and save with your own Name (so you can tell your custom version from the original.

                  • AmazingAvocado273233

                    AmazingAvocado273233 2 years ago

                    Thank you for explaining so many tools & doing so in an easy fashion that anyone could understand. 👍

                    • AmazingMacadamia773956

                      AmazingMacadamia773956 2 years ago

                      Excited to be fit and healthy again! :)

                      • FavorableAvocado468755

                        FavorableAvocado468755 2 years ago

                        Excited to start this !

                        • ButterMyBiscuit

                          ButterMyBiscuit 2 years ago

                          Oh and any chance we could connect the aria wifi scale to the app?

                          • AnnnaHA

                            AnnnaHA a year ago

                            Check the settings on your scale's app. Update your app if needed. See if your scale can send info either to the free Google Fit app or to the Fitbit app (if you have one). My scale's app is connected to my Fitbit. And the Fitbit app is connected to (and sends info to) Carb Manager. Before I got my Fitbit I used the free Google fit app (and it sent the steps my phone counted into Carb Manager)

                        • ButterMyBiscuit

                          ButterMyBiscuit 2 years ago

                          I love this app, keep up the good work!!!

                          • IncredibleArugula378243

                            IncredibleArugula378243 2 years ago

                            Hi there, is there a way I can track my Fibre too please?

                            • gracieb

                              gracieb 2 years ago

                              VeryFitPro calculates my steps, but the numbers don't affect my carb count. Why?

                              • Nomes

                                Nomes 2 years ago

                                The app runs so incredibly slow & laggy now!! All the graphics & articles make it run very slow. Sometimes it’s 5-10 minutes before the opening page stops flashing the logo

                                • AmazingKale349497

                                  AmazingKale349497 2 years ago

                                  I thought I saw a feature where you could set your personal macros and a meal plan would be generated for you. I can't seem to find it.

                                  • GorgeousKetone635076

                                    GorgeousKetone635076 2 years ago

                                    I just signed up and in the beginning when you see the ratio options in the initial setup the very last choice is "custom". Hope this helps!

                                  • FaithfulChica

                                    FaithfulChica 2 years ago

                                    Funny I’m trying to get the macro cycling feature to work for me & can’t get it to for the moment.

                                • SparklingGrandma1948

                                  SparklingGrandma1948 2 years ago

                                  I worry that I can't make the app work right.