Keto Before and After: 4 Keto Success Stories (Part 2)
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Keto Before and After: 4 Keto Success Stories (Part 2)

Keto Before and After: 4 Keto Success Stories (Part 2)

Posted 4 months ago

Brian Stanton

Brian Stanton


In the fall of 2021, Chris realized he had a problem. His weight was affecting his energy, endurance, and family time. 

These days, his biggest problem is that his clothes don't fit. That's because Chris lost over 30 pounds on the Keto diet. 

In part 2 of our Keto Before and After Series (here's part 1), you'll hear from April, John, Lynda, and Chris. They all lost considerable weight—and made other health improvements—by focusing on long-term dietary changes and tracking their progress with the Carb Manager app.

They succeeded because they didn't treat their bodies like a broken watch requiring a quick fix. Instead, they permanently improved their eating habits. 

If you're looking for motivation to improve your eating habits, these stories will help. 

Why Keto?

Before meeting our protagonists, let's discuss the diet that worked for them. It's no accident that a very low-carb eating plan (the Keto diet) helped them lose weight, energize, and feel better. 

To eat Keto, you limit carbohydrates to 10% of daily calories. Keeping carbs low triggers a series of biochemical changes culminating in a fat-burning state called ketosis.[*

The potential benefits of ketosis include:

To be clear, trying a Keto diet isn't like updating your smartphone. You don't just hit a button and get instant performance improvements. 

Success requires patience. 

Keto Success Stories

Speaking of patience, you're about to meet four people that embody that virtue. They committed to Keto, managed the process, and got results. 

Success Story #1: April A.

For most of her life, April had been self-conscious about her weight. She would occasionally drop a few pounds but could never keep it off. 

Frustrated, she committed to doing Keto by the book. She would "weigh and measure and log every single thing" she ate. 

That was smart because tracking food intake (even without dietary changes) has been shown to double weight loss vs. not tracking.[*] But weight loss was just the beginning for April. 

I had GI issues that entirely resolved. I no longer snore. The pain in my hip which had me wondering if I needed a replacement has vanished. I have more energy and flexibility than I've had in decades. 

Despite giving up a few favorite foods, April hasn't felt deprived on Keto. She focuses on what she can enjoy ("hello cheese and bacon") and relishes her better health. 

Success Story #2: John C.

John lost 135 pounds on the Keto diet. He's at 275 at the time of writing, down from 410. 

It wasn't always easy. Losing that much weight meant cutting calories day after day and tracking diligently with Carb Manager to ensure he stayed at a caloric deficit. 

"Cravings are the hardest part," said John. But he also said being in ketosis mitigated his cravings. More on that shortly. 

Today John is feeling considerably better about his situation. Being healthier brings a kind of confidence that can't be faked. 

His next goal? Getting down to 220. 

Success Story #3: Lynda G.

Meet Lynda G. She lost 65 pounds at the age of 70. 

I'm proud of my appearance. I look better than I have in over 20 years.

At a svelt 124 pounds, most people guess Lynda is in her 50s. She's "rocking 70!"

To stay accountable, Lynda gamified her weight loss journey with her friendly neighborhood macro tracker.  

Carb Manager challenged me to beat it (or not let it beat me) every day.

Nutritionally, she kept things simple. Her main goal was to avoid the cakes, cookies, and sugary processed foods that promote insidious weight gain. 

Is staying Keto a burden? Not for Lynda. 

Once your body adapts, it's the easiest diet I've ever been on.

Success Story #4: Chris W.

We've heard from Chris already. He's the guy who needs to go shopping for new clothes. (#KetoProblems.)

Here are five reasons for Chris's success on Keto:

  1. He had a powerful motivator: his poor health was derailing quality time with his family
  2. Carb Manager helped him "eat real food and honestly track daily meals"
  3. Watching his weight trend down in the app was rewarding
  4. He found suitable substitutes (i.e., stevia for sugar) to satisfy cravings 
  5. He got his family on board to support his health journey

Chris is feeling great. Here's the best part for him, in his words: 

Less joint pain, more energy, not getting out of breath so easy, and most importantly, being able to enjoy the things I thought I'd never get to enjoy again.

Sustainable Success

To make positive health changes, you need a long-term focus. That's how you lock in lasting habits

April, John, Lynda, and Chris are models of this type of long-range thinking. And they're only beginning to experience the lifelong rewards. 

The only punishment is having to spend out on a new wardrobe. Worth it.

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              It is so informative to read why Keto works so well. My husband, my son and I embarked on this journey in August. My husband got to his target weight in 6 months. He lost 30 pounds. My son lost 25 pounds and two pant sizes and I lost 17 pounds. We love to cook together bagels, cheese bread, cream cheese muffins as well as wonderful dinners. We love this lifestyle.

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