Why Am I Not Losing Weight On Keto?

Why Am I Not Losing Weight On Keto?

Carb Manager Staff

Carb Manager Staff

a year ago

Losing weight is a primary reason why people start the Ketogenic diet.

But without a properly formulated low-carb, high-fat diet, you may not experience the same fat burning benefits that others are experiencing.

In this Keto Beginners Series, we’ll go over the main reasons why you may not be losing weight on the Ketogenic diet.

#1. You’re Not Exercising Enough

Adding physical activity into your lifestyle is a crucial component of any weight-loss strategy. 

Exercising improves your body’s metabolic flexibility which means it becomes easier for your body to start using fats for energy rather than carbohydrates.[*] During your Keto-adaptation phase, this is crucial because it shortens the time in which you experience flu-like symptoms which may cause unwarranted carb and sugar cravings.

Adding a strength training routine into your regimen will also help you burn more overall calories during exercise and while resting.

If you’re a beginner, make it a habit to perform strength training exercises at least once or twice a week along with a cardio session at least once a week. 

If you haven’t exercised in a while, it’s best to slowly ramp up the intensity, duration, and frequency of your exercise routine to allow your body to build tolerance to exercise and avoid injury. 

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends a minimum of 75 minutes of high-intensity exercise per week or 150 minutes of moderate activity to maintain general health. Build up to surpassing that recommendation in order to aid in weight loss. 

#2. You’re Not Eating Nutrient Dense Foods

Just because you’re eating low carb foods does not always mean it’s nutritious.

Consuming processed Keto foods like lunch meats, vegetable oils, and hot dogs may help you reach your fat macros for the day but doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose weight. (See our article on Dirty Keto for more information)

Without nutrient-dense foods, you’re not providing your body with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive. This can lead to various hormonal and metabolic imbalances which can hinder your weight loss efforts on Keto.

Stick to eating unprocessed, Ketogenic whole foods like grass-fed beef and healthy fats like avocado and macadamia nuts and avoid processed foods as much as possible to get the best weight-loss benefits from your Keto efforts.

#3. You’re Eating Too Many Calories

Against popular opinion, you cannot eat endless amounts of food and still lose weight just by restricting carbohydrates.

In order to lose weight - no matter what diet you’re on - you must be eating at a calorie deficit. This means you should be consuming fewer calories than your body burns off on a daily basis.

While it may feel daunting at first to have to track your calories, using calorie-tracking apps such as Carb Manager makes it extremely easy. And after a month or two of tracking, you’ll know exactly how much you should be eating to start losing weight.

#4. You’re Eating Too Much Fat

While the Ketogenic diet encourages people to eat large amounts of fat, many beginners often overdo it.

Fats contain 9 calories per gram whereas carbohydrates and protein only contain 4 calories per gram. If your main goal of Keto is to start losing weight, it’s crucial that you calculate how much fat you need to eat and still stay in a caloric deficit.

We recommend focusing on eating a healthy amount of protein before indulging in large amounts of fats. Protein has a satiating effect so eating the right amount will ensure that you don’t eat an excess amount of calories and end up gaining weight rather than losing fat.

#5. You're Not Monitoring Your Carb Intake

If you’re eating too many carbs, your metabolism will turn to glucose for energy rather than burning fat for fuel.

The only way to start burning ketones and your own stored body fat for energy is by keeping carb intake under 50g of total carbs per day.

Look out for hidden carbohydrates in some “low-carb” foods like vegetables, dairy, and some nuts. Make sure you track your carbohydrate intake at the beginning so you know whether or not you’re staying under 50g per day.

#6. You’re Constantly Stressed Out and Not Sleeping Enough

The stress hormone cortisol has been linked to storing body fat.

People who are sleep deprived are chronically stressed which can lead to unwanted weight gain even if they are eating at a slight calorie deficit.

Studies have shown that a lack of sleep can negatively alter your hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin[*], leading to increased appetite! 

#7. You May Have a Leptin Resistance

If you’re brand new to Keto and you aren’t seeing weight loss, there’s a chance that you have leptin resistance.

This is the hunger hormone that signals to your brain that you’re full when there’s enough fat in your diet. If you have leptin resistance, it may cause persistent food cravings and increased appetite.

If you’re really struggling with weight loss and hunger while following the Keto diet, it may be beneficial to get tested for leptin resistance. 

For better leptin sensitivity and reversal of leptin resistance, it is often recommended to be sure to get plenty of good quality sleep,  reduce stress levels, get omega-3s, and eat anti-inflammatory foods.[*]

A Properly Formulated Keto Diet is a Great Weight Loss Tool

If you’re a beginner to Keto and you aren’t seeing the best weight loss results, most of the time just a slight tweak in your diet plan can give you monumental results.

The fastest way to start seeing results is by tracking your calories to ensure you’re eating the right kinds and amount of food, keeping stress low, and maintaining a regular sleep schedule.

Note: The content in this article is not medical advice and is intended for informational and educational purposes only. Always talk to your doctor before changing your diet.

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  • Wenokia

    Wenokia 13 days ago

    How do I adjust me carb chart to actual carbs consumed after fiber and sugars are subtracted.

    • FatBoySlim67

      FatBoySlim67 10 days ago

      If you are using the food logger on this app I'm pretty sure it does list the net carbs on the entry. That would be the total carbs minus the fiber carbs. Sugar would just add to the carbs and not subtract.

  • Judy Kelosky

    Judy Kelosky a month ago

    When I open carb manager it puts me on lunch & skips breakfast. Please put me back on the old plan!!!

    • Judy Kelosky

      Judy Kelosky a month ago

      I have lost 29.5 lbs since last yr on carb manager but I need a boost to lose the last 12 lbs. I am not happy with the new update in that I have to add up carbs & calories.The old plan kept u aware as to carbs & calories left. Please help me. I am exercising sometimes 54000 steps a week at Zumba.

      • IneffableRadish336623

        IneffableRadish336623 3 months ago

        I lost 8.6 pounds in the first 5 days, then nothing for 4 days. Counted all the macros and stayed under all everyday. Yesterday my steps were counted as exercise reading -6 carbs, but I didn't even subtract them to get my total of 19 carbs per day....still no loss.

        • SummerLoverNSB

          SummerLoverNSB 2 months ago

          Has your scale moved since your post? Are you taking measurements?

      • SpectacularAvocado871140

        SpectacularAvocado871140 3 months ago

        I’ve lost a lot of weight and was able to keep it off for many years using the low carb diet. Since then I have gained quite a bit of weight. I have been very strict on sticking to this and logging my food for the last 2 weeks.. I really have lost very little, could this be because I’m not eating enough?

        • Sallyanne23

          Sallyanne23 3 months ago

          I’ve lost 7lb then gained 4lb and I’ve done nothing different I think reading this I may not have eaten enough protein but I’m finding it hard to fit it in.

          • Ava-cado1982

            Ava-cado1982 2 months ago

            Ive been up and down for three weeks now. Its so frustrating but im noticing the small victories off the scale. Looser clothes, more mental clarity, more energy, little to no appetite so am trusting the process. Stick to it xx

          • Katt Barrett

            Katt Barrett 2 months ago

            I have the same problem. Lost 3 and gained back 5! I have been on this for almost 2 weeks. Is this normal?