Health & Fitness Integrations

Connect. Sync. Go.

Connect Carb Manager with your favorite health, fitness, or lifestyle tracking device for a comprehensive overview of your health journey in one place.

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Carb Manager

Your One-Stop App For Easy Health and Weight-Loss Results

  • Save Time

    Import activity and lifestyle factors tracked in other apps to automatically deduct calories burned from exercise, view ketone and glucose readings, and more.

  • Faster Results

    Compare and correlate health metrics like glucose and ketone levels with food logged to know exactly what is helping or hindering your progress with health and weight-loss goals.

  • Nutrition + Lifestyle

    Carb Manager is truly your one-stop app for well-rounded nutrition, health, and lifestyle tracking. Our device integrations make it easy to tap into the whole picture.

  • Fitbit & Garmin

    Whatever your activity of choice — from a daily stroll to a sweaty workout — when you connect Carb Manager to your favorite fitness-tracking wearable you can automatically import steps, calories burned, weight, sleep, and more.

    • Sync Activity & Calories Burned

      Get a full picture of how you fuel your active lifestyle (and whether you can have an extra snack today 😋) when you automatically import steps, daily time active, and calories burned through activity into Carb Manager.

    • Import Sleep, Weight, and Body Fat %

      There’s more to your health journey than the food you eat and the ways you move. Additional data collected by your fitness wearable like sleep time, weight and body fat % change and more can be automatically imported into CM for easy tracking in one place.

    Fitbit & Garmin
  • BIOSENSE® & Keto-Mojo

    Whether you’re doing Keto for weight loss, managing a health condition like diabetes, or “biohacking” your metabolism for optimal health, Carb Manager Premium makes it easy with automatic sync from your favorite ketone, glucose, and GKI monitors like BIOSENSE® and Keto-Mojo.

    • Automatically Import Ketone Levels

      When you track ketones you know 100% for sure if you’re in the optimum fat-burning state of ketosis — and when you combine this with nutrition tracking you’ll see exactly which foods support your goals and which may hold you back.

    • Troubleshoot & Customize Your Diet & Lifestyle

      Cross-reference foods logged, activity levels, and sleep patterns with glucose and ketone levels to troubleshoot weight-loss plateaus, stalled progress in health improvements, and more.

    BIOSENSE® & Keto-Mojo
  • Google Fit & Apple Health

    Easily import health and fitness data from your Apple or Google device or wearable directly into Carb Manager Premium with this simple fitness device integration.

    • Stay Active & Healthy

      Take a walk, do a workout, or finish your chores — when you log your daily activity with Google or Apple, it’ll automatically sync with your Carb Manager account for tracking and analysis alongside your other nutrition, health, and lifestyle data. 

    • Keep Track of Sleep & Lifestyle Factors

      If you prefer to track sleep, weight, and other health metrics with your Google or Apple device, these numbers will be automatically imported into Carb Manager where you can easily view, correlate, and connect them alongside all your other tracked metrics.

    Google Fit & Apple Health