Carb Manager 7 Upgrade Guide
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Carb Manager 7 Upgrade Guide

Welcome to Carb Manager 7 (CM7)! In this article, we will answer common questions about how to use to CM7, from users who are already familiar with CM6.


What's new In CM7?

🧠 Smart Search: Now you can use natural language in your search queries, and even include serving sizes. Give it a try. Search for:

  • 2 eggs and a cup of coffee
  • 12 almonds
  • 1 oz butter
  • Half avocado and 10 peanuts

Multi-Add: This was a much-requested feature. Now, you can add foods directly from the food finder without having to open a food detail dialog. Just swipe right on the food, or tap the Multi-Add button, then tap the + button. Ta-da! The food, including the last serving size you selected, will be added to your daily log.

📅 Streaks, front and center: Stay motivated by seeing your streaks on the daily log. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle means building healthy habits, and keeping a streak going is the way to build habits.

🎯 Better Meal Goals: Now Premium members can set meal goals for every macro! Want to track carbs, fat, or protein per meal? Just go to Settings > Meal Goals to get started.

🥘 Food Insights: See which foods contributed the most to any macro or nutrient. Detect trends, look for hidden sources of carbs, and get a better picture of your overall diet. Find this in Goals > Insights > Foods.

🎓 New Learning Opportunities: Check out Keto Academy for an in-depth course of all things Keto, plus 37 recipe tutorials from our Keto chefs. And we've expanded and improved our articles collection to provide you more timely and informative health & wellness information.

🙌 Lots of smaller features:

  • Customize the size of your water cups, and set a water volume goal
  • Set foods to repeat every day or on specific days of the week (like Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
  • Connect Google Fit on any platform, including iOS and the web
  • New features for people with diabetes, including HbA1c, eAG tracking, and the ability to specify insulin types
  • Better accessibility: increase the app zoom level and font size for better readability (Settings > App Settings > Text Size)
  • A last but not least, a fresh new UI, updated for the new decade

How do I add foods to my daily log?

Select the green + button then select the icon with the fork and spoon. This will open the food search window, where you can search our food database and see and create your own custom foods.

How do I scan a barcode?

Tap the green + button in the bottom tab bar and select the Scan button. The Snap feature can also be accessed via this button.

How do I find My Foods, Recipes, Meals, and Meal Plans? 

Custom foods, recipes, meals, and meal plans are now all found in the main Food Search window, accessed by tapping the green + button as shown in this animation:

Where are my favorites?

Favorites can be found in the main food search window in the Quick Find tab. Or, you can have your favorites appear in the All tab my using the quick list selector.

How do I update my weight, measurements, or other health metrics daily?

My Measurements is now the Goals section found from the main navigation. There you can add your measurements, see your history, and also update your goals for measurements. If you're not seeing some measurements, try changing the time period you're viewing with the chips at top (last "1Mo", "3Mo", etc.)

  1. Select the Goals tab in the bottom tab bar
  2. Select + Add New Measurement

Did the food database change? Are serving sizes different?

The only change in the food database in CM7 is the addition of thousands of new foods and serving sizes. We didn't remove or change any existing foods or serving sizes.

How do I create a custom food, recipe, meal, or meal plan?

Select the green + button and open the main food search window. In the top right corner, you'll find a ⋮ button. Select this to find the buttons to create new foods, recipes, meals, and meal plans. Premium members can also Import a Recipe via this menu.

Where did the In Depth section go?

The In Depth section, which shows full nutrient details, macros percentages, and a breakdown of which foods contributed the most to each macronutrient total, can be found by scrolling down in the Daily Log and selecting the In Depth button.

How do I view meal nutrition details?

In the Daily Log go to the meal, and select the ⋮ button. In the menu, select the Meal Details button.

Where do I find the reports feature?

The feature to export reports has moved to the Goals section. Look for the ⋮ button then click the Export CSV button.

How do I plan foods?

We've simplified the plan foods feature. Now, you can log foods to future days in "plan" mode. Select the Show Advanced button in the food detail window to find this option. To see your planned totals, select the Planned option in the My Macros card in the Daily Log.

How do I increase the text size?

As a new feature in CM7, you can increase the text size. Click the Settings button in the top right corner of the screen, then go to App Settings and find the Text Size option.

How do I hide the new greeting and streaks?

Go to Settings (button in the top right corner of the screen) and then go to App Settings and turn off Enable Daily Log Greeting.

Where did the forums go?

We've improved our Groups feature, and this is now the exclusive way to chat in the app. If you'd like to continue to chat on the forums, you can find them at

More questions?

Please visit our version 7 knowledge base at Or, post in the comments section below and we'll respond! Finally, please check out this quick transition video, designed to help you make the switch from the old version and become a CM7 pro.

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  • Pk

    Pk 11 days ago

    Once I get into the Carb manager app, I have to shut my phone off to get out! What's up with that?

    • Heidemarie1155

      Heidemarie1155 a month ago

      Fasting how do I enter times

      • Shawtree1

        Shawtree1 2 months ago

        I like to track the walking I do as exercise but I already have “steps” turned on. I do NOT have the app adjusting macros or calories daily according to exercise. My wife says nonetheless my exercise is being double counted and keeping my macro allowances from adjusting properly. Who is right?

        • Sarah

          Sarah 2 months ago

          Hi do you have a uk version

          • Tracy

            Tracy 3 months ago

            Is there an option to minimise sections of the daily log? I would like to be able to collapse breakfast when done, then collapse lunch etc instead of having to continually scroll down all the way down through all items to add something. Also is this can be collapsed can we just see a total line item for that section?

            • Joann!

              Joann! 3 months ago

              When the categories are totaled at the end of a meal it’s often off ! Help...

              • Riebs

                Riebs 3 months ago

                Can I sync Apple Watch to carb manager and if so how. Thanks

                • GreySkies

                  GreySkies 3 months ago

                  When I add exercise it takes all the values and makes them — minus negative numbers. Doing 2 hours of something can’t possibly wipe out all my food values. I don’t understand this app. I have 10 net carbs left but if I leave exercise in it seems to give it all back. I am beginning to wonder if any of the numbers are correct

                  • Cathy

                    Cathy 3 months ago

                    I've tried adding a breakfast & a lunch. It says it's added, but it doesn't show up on my log. I had no trouble like this a yr ago. Help! I feel like quitting before I start.

                    • DragonflyTC

                      DragonflyTC 3 months ago

                      Really really miss the old version; this one just seems busier and jumbled somehow. I appreciate that other people are loving it and they might possibly be the majority but I wish there was a way to get the simpler old version back.

                      • Monylove311

                        Monylove311 3 months ago

                        Is there a way to edit a recipe in the database if I change the ingredients? I can't find it. Also, I searched for instant pot to find recipes and nothing came up. That seems like an easy search to find quick meals. Can you work on changing that please?

                        • Nomes

                          Nomes 3 months ago

                          You tap the three dots at the top right, tap “copy to my foods”, go to your foods and you’ll find the recipe there with (copy) at the end of the title. Tap the three dots at the top right to then edit that recipe.

                      • Anne

                        Anne 4 months ago

                        I’ve just subscribed for Premium but it’s not letting me into the recipes? What’s gone wrong?

                        • M2 mile high city

                          M2 mile high city 4 months ago

                          How do I track my sleep?

                          • Bobbi124

                            Bobbi124 4 months ago

                            Hi M2mhc, I have an app on my iPhone called Sleep Cycle that helps track my sleep. You can find other similar apps in your App Store. Some phones have a health app integrated already on them, and have a kind of sleep tool within that program. You just link whatever app you are using with Carb Manager.

                        • CathyClark42

                          CathyClark42 4 months ago

                          All the custom recipes I had entered disappeared. Any way to get them back?

                          • LORI

                            LORI 4 months ago

                            Loving the upgrades. Thanks for all the efforts put into this.

                            • Sherrill

                              Sherrill 4 months ago

                              What’s the point of a new app if member queries aren’t addressed by anyone who can give us answers. It’s fine to have detailed info on how to use it, but it doesn’t work when the directions are followed explicitly over Andover and it still doesn’t work. Again, it takes a long time to download and then doesn’t work and the freezes

                              • Bobbi124

                                Bobbi124 4 months ago

                                The problem is your phone and/or service provider. You may need to upgrade your phone.

                            • Sherrill

                              Sherrill 4 months ago

                              The new what’s the point of a new app if so many people don’t like it. It just keeps freezing

                              • Sherrill

                                Sherrill 4 months ago

                                This new app is takes forever to download and keeps freezing. It has way too many choices, and none are the choices I used to be able to access. Again, it keeps freezing and won’t let me backtrack to enter data from previous days. The new design makes it so difficult to enter data that it is not worth the trouble to even use!!!

                                • GorgeousAvocado967449

                                  GorgeousAvocado967449 4 months ago

                                  Will my protein, fat, carb, calories goals change as my weight goes down?

                                  • SuperMacadamia224933

                                    SuperMacadamia224933 4 months ago

                                    Where can I change my daily calorie goal

                                    • JenM

                                      JenM 4 months ago

                                      Please clean up the database there are soooo many duplicates. Just look at Quest white chocolate raspberry bar. Probably over 20 entries.

                                      • Lin

                                        Lin 4 months ago

                                        I preferred the previous format for the overall daily carb, fat, protein calorie tracking at the top of the screen. I find the graphs too distracting in the new set up.. There are definitely some good things about this new set up though. Love that it is easier to copy meals to another day as often my breakfast & lunch are the same at least every other day. I am good at learning set ups at the beginning but when things are changed I loose interest. I hope you do not make too many changes in the future.

                                        • Paulie

                                          Paulie 4 months ago

                                          Love this new format! Reading some of the posts, I am not having any problems, sorry to hear some people are not happy with it.

                                          • Chief Inspector Shine

                                            Chief Inspector Shine 4 months ago

                                            It's clear to me with this upgrade guide that 6 isn't coming back. So, can ANYONE tell me how to cancel my subscription for next year??? TIA.

                                            • Chief Inspector Shine

                                              Chief Inspector Shine 3 months ago

                                              No, i didn't, Cathy Clark 42 but thanks anyway. 👍🏾

                                            • CathyClark42

                                              CathyClark42 4 months ago

                                              If you bought it through the Apple App Store, you can cancel it there.

                                          • Terri

                                            Terri 4 months ago

                                            I used to do negative entries but now when I hit keyboard mode it doesn’t give me an option to put a negative entry. I use this to customize a recipe. For instance today I substituted a different milk in my bulletproof hot cocoa. I used to just put -10 ounces almond milk and add the other milk. It zeroes out the almond milk and macros associated with it. Now I have to create a whole new recipe. Please fix this or show me where I’m doing it wrong. I used to do this on old version. Thank you.