Get to Know the All-New Carb Manager (Video)
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Get to Know the All-New Carb Manager (Video)

Carb Manager Staff

Carb Manager Staff

8 months ago


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  • Cher

    Cher 7 months ago

    NOT liking this new version. Can't seem to get my macros set, keeps telling me I have 39 left when I want way less, circle doesn't show close/over carbs. Actually don't understand wheel anymore at all. Have to constantly back out of add food pages and it sometimes adds twice, etc. HARDer to navigate, not easier, and not getting the clear tracking from older app. Will not renew - useless to me if I have to count my carbs myself!

    • Grammy

      Grammy 7 months ago

      Loving the new app!

      • Missy668

        Missy668 7 months ago

        Not loving the upgrade, find it difficult to navigate

        • Jan

          Jan 7 months ago

          There needs to be a "help" button. I know there was a way to import recipes and then the update. . . Now I don't know how to do it or where to find help.

          • Sunbiker

            Sunbiker 7 months ago

            Starting too get it but do like older version, not sure why it is saying over in my carb intake when it isnt, trying too adjust it.not sure if I will be renewing ,my premium for a 3rd time as of 2022, I don't like change,and not being able too adjust the macro right

            • Andrea2448

              Andrea2448 7 months ago

              As of Feb 17, “copy” is static to today. It no longer allows me to change the date to something else. Why as that been removed?

              • Chief Inspector Shine

                Chief Inspector Shine 7 months ago

                Andrea2448, try copying the food and then view it once you copy it. Scroll down and there should be an "advanced" area. Tap that, head down to the time to alter it. Hope this helps. This new update is terrible.

            • Chief Inspector Shine

              Chief Inspector Shine 7 months ago

              Unable to edit my foods and many of my foods now have the wrong info after the update. Unusable. Someone tell me how to get my money back and cancel my subscription. Thanks.

              • davemancuso

                davemancuso 7 months ago

                I’m currently reviewing 3 different meal trackers, and I thought Carb Tracker would be low on my list. But this new version is excellent. I am loving the interface, especially the tracking graphics. I’m a sucker for interface, and I am finding more to tweak and display for my needs each day. I’m spending a few weeks with my app review, and we’ll see how things shake out. *This is the free version, btw.

                • Melly

                  Melly 7 months ago

                  I'm loving it. I wonder if some people having problems need a new phone? I know when my phone gets old things glitch more often.

                  • maria_azula

                    maria_azula 7 months ago


                • Kay

                  Kay 7 months ago

                  Is there any way to get the old Carb Manager back? I loved it and recommended it to a lot of people. I don’t understand this new App, it is not intuitive or easy. I still can’t figure out how to add a recipe of my own or how to use one of my old ones. There is no way to add how many grams or ounces I’ve eaten for the day. I’ve been looking for a new App that I like as much as the old one, but I can’t find one. Why did you have to change something that was not broken?

                  • Patglo

                    Patglo 7 months ago

                    If you are watching this video on your phone you can hardly see what is happening on the phone graphic. Also, I find these upbeat presenters who tell me how easy these new changes are to use disingenuous since the majority of people are finding this new app form quite difficult to navigate. How about a little more empathy expressed for your users who now have to make it a second career learning how to navigate this total overhaul?!

                    • lowcarbdieterb636

                      lowcarbdieterb636 7 months ago


                    • Pam

                      Pam 7 months ago

                      I find it beyond aggravating having this happy actress tell me how I should like using what essentially is a new app. That this was dropped on us without warning is infuriating for everyone, but I claim more so for those who paid for premium. It’s no longer the app we paid for. It takes a lot of nerve to completely change the app then try to make us think it’s wonderful.

                  • Msmarf

                    Msmarf 7 months ago

                    It's an exciting beginning....

                    • maria_azula

                      maria_azula 7 months ago

                      What app did you switch to?

                  • Wilma

                    Wilma 7 months ago

                    I liked it at first but now it’s not connecting with my Fitbit even tho it says it connected. So frustrating! Why fix something that wasn’t broken?

                    • Shebar61

                      Shebar61 7 months ago

                      I have to disconnect and reconnect my Fitbit for it to upload. So frustrating! I’ve not rec’d any of the support for this either. I’ve tried resetting and reloading both the Fitbit and CM app

                  • Norma

                    Norma 7 months ago

                    Not many customers like the new 7 HOW DO WE GET 6 Back??

                    • Norma

                      Norma 7 months ago

                      Don't like I want #6. Slow log in !!! Prefers older app

                      • Nanclee

                        Nanclee 7 months ago

                        Since the upgrade i can’t scan

                        • StellarRadish266914

                          StellarRadish266914 7 months ago

                          When I logged on to the previous version it came up immediately. Version 7 has the application icon just coming on, disappearing, reappearing, disappearing, reappearing etc. I have to close the app, go to settings to check the internet connection (it has a very good connection) go back to the app and click on it again before it comes up. How do I go back to the old version. I don’t like how this application works. I joins the carb manage for the recipes, but if I can’t get the app to come up immediately I’m going to cancel my subscription.

                          • weezee2128dde0

                            weezee2128dde0 7 months ago

                            Do not like the new carb manager app

                            • IncredibleCauliflower419776

                              IncredibleCauliflower419776 7 months ago

                              Give us back a quick link to our Foods/Recipes! I use my custom recipes a lot and the new interface is cumbersome to get to them.

                              • jokriegler

                                jokriegler 7 months ago

                                Did you forget to add the ability to add new custom foods. I cannot find

                                • Kannyb

                                  Kannyb 7 months ago

                                  The add custom food button can be found by clicking the green + button then the fork and spoon button then top right corner there is 3 dots. If you click those dots it will bring up custom food