Update on Carb Manager 7
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Update on Carb Manager 7

Carb Manager Staff

Carb Manager Staff

6 months ago

Over the past few weeks, we've received an enormous amount of feedback—some of it very passionate—from our members about the new version of Carb Manager, version 7.

Much of it has been very positive, but we've certainly received a fair amount of constructive criticism. Needless to say, this release hasn't gone quite as smoothly as any of us would have wanted.

Our message to you, our valued members, is that we're listening, and we're making changes every day to reflect your suggestions.

These changes include:

  • We've restored the much-loved pie chart to the daily log.
  • The Quick Find menu is back in the food finder.
  • We fixed a variety of bugs, including fixing how the My Foods tab sorts and orders results to help you quickly find all your favorites. We also squashed a bug that was causing freezing on some Android devices.
  • We've increased our server capacity to speed up search responsiveness. We're making great progress in reducing the lag to make search snappier than ever!
  • We've added many requested features, such as the ability to increase text sizes, infinite scrolling, and the ability to see macros consumed, burned, and planned.

As we iron out these issues, we hope you'll come to love the new Carb Manager 7. It's been two years in the making and represents a major evolution of the world's best macros tracker. We really mean it when we say it's a far better product than Carb Manager 6.

Here are just a few of the new features:

🧠 Smart Search: Now you can use natural language in your search queries, and even include serving sizes. Give it a try. Search for:

  • 2 eggs and a cup of coffee
  • 12 almonds
  • 1 oz butter
  • Half avocado and 10 peanuts

Multi-Add: This was a much-requested feature. Now, you can add foods directly from the food finder without having to open a food detail dialog. Just swipe right on the food, or tap the Multi-Add button, then tap the + button. Ta-da! The food, including the last serving size you selected, will be added to your daily log.

📅 Streaks, front and center: Stay motivated by seeing your streaks on the daily log. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle means building healthy habits, and keeping a streak going is the way to build habits.

🎯 Better Meal Goals: Now Premium members can set meal goals for every macro! Want to track carbs, fat, or protein per meal? Just go to Settings > Meal Goals to get started.

🥘 Food Insights: See which foods contributed the most to any macro or nutrient. Detect trends, look for hidden sources of carbs, and get a better picture of your overall diet. Find this in Goals > Insights > Foods.

🎓 New Learning Opportunities: Check out Keto Academy for an in-depth course of all things Keto, plus 37 recipe tutorials from our Keto chefs. And we've expanded and improved our articles collection to provide you more timely and informative health & wellness information.

🙌 Lots of smaller features:

  • Customize the size of your water cups, and set a water volume goal
  • Set foods to repeat every day or on specific days of the week (like Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
  • Connect Google Fit on any platform, including iOS and the web
  • New features for people with diabetes, including HbA1c, eAG tracking, and the ability to specify insulin types
  • Better accessibility: increase the app zoom level and font size for better readability (Settings > App Settings > Text Size)
  • A last but not least, a fresh new UI, updated for the new decade

And there's lots more to come. Carb Manager 7 is the starting point, but we have a roadmap a mile long of features long requested by our users.


Finally, we want to apologize for any disruption this upgrade may have caused.

We know how much our community depends on Carb Manager, and we are here to make this product work for you. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please visit our version 7 knowledge base at help.carbmanager.com or leave a comment on this article! We read and respond to every comment, and will do whatever we can to make adjustments based on community feedback. We remain as committed as ever to serving the needs of the Keto, low-carb, and macros-conscious community.

To learn how to make the transition from CM6 to CM7 and make the MOST of the all-new Carb Manager, this quick upgrade video.

Thank you for choosing Carb Manager to support your health & wellness journey.